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Avoiding those unnecessary false declines: 4 tips for choosing an effective fraud management solution

Here's a practical tip for ecommerce companies: avoid losses from chargebacks by blocking fraudulent orders. Practical, yes, but not very useful.

ERP software trends to watch in the retail industry in 2018

Every year, we see new trends crop up that seem to have a huge influence on the way business is run. In 2018, it is expected that ERP software will lead to some massive changes in the retail industry.

What separates an Epos from a traditional POS?

A POS or point of sale system can now be classified as either a traditional POS or EPOS. While traditional POSs have been around for years, EPOSs are slowly creeping up and many new businesses swear by them.

What role can logistics play in creating customer loyalty

Historically, the notion of customer service being important would have been scoffed at by business experts.

The importance of a good branding strategy for your business

Branding remains one of the most important strands of a company’s marketing strategy.

Nearly half of consumers fear buying counterfeit holiday gifts

Trickery is trending this holiday season – at least for online criminals. Forty-five percent of shoppers worry about unintentionally buying imitation goods over the winter holiday, according to the latest research from MarkMonitor, the world leader in enterprise brand protection.

How important is the evolution of technology for business?

Like it or not, technology pervades every aspect of our lives. From the way we spend our free time to the way we run our businesses, technology has a strong influence over what we do and the way in which we do it.

5 tips to get your business ready for GDPR

On 25th May 2018, there will be a fundamental change to the way that all businesses process and are able to move personal data.

8 black hat SEO strategies you probably don’t know you are using

8 black hat SEO strategies you probably don’t know you are using

Every year, Google ups its antics for identifying websites that aim to deceive search algorithms into ranking them favourably.

The importance of branding and tips on getting it right

Branding goes beyond your logo or slogan although of course this is part of it – it actually involves every aspect of a customer’s experience from your social media posts to staff uniforms and even the way you interact with customers.

How to leverage the success of your business

When it comes to making your business successful, you always need to keep your vision in sight, because a big vision will take your business a long way.

How to spread your online brand offline

If you’re an online brand, most of the content you’ll find will tell you how to better promote your brand online. Common online promotional methods include social media, search engine optimisation and online ads.

eBay opens the world’s first subconsicous shopping experience

Do you ever feel like you shop on autopilot? Have you caught yourself buying the same things you always do, or what everyone else has?

AmazonFresh adds selection from Booths

Amazon has announced that grocery products from Booths, the award-winning grocer with 28 stores across the North of England, are now available on AmazonFresh.

22 ways to improve your website user experience and reduce bounce rates

22 ways to improve your website user experience and reduce bounce rates

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website without visiting other pages on your website, you can view these statistics with your Google Analytics.