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7 tips to becoming a successful Amazon seller

14th October 2020 Print

Are you an online seller looking to be successful on Amazon? If so, there’s no time like the present to get started. While setting up a seller account on the e-commerce leader’s platform is simple enough, the challenge is making sure you stand out from the millions of other sellers listed alongside you. Read the following 7 tips to get you noticed.

1. Keywords are essential

Think about what your customer is looking for and include those keywords in your title and description. Each search churns out a list of thousands of products, and you need to make sure yours stands out from the rest. Include key elements like product name, quantity, brand name, colour, weight and size to entice the customer about your features and get them to choose you over the rest. You need to be seen on the first three pages of search results to sell anything, so target as many keywords as you possibly can while maintaining authenticity. 

2. Hire an accountant

Getting your finances in order is key to being successful in any business, and it’s no different with Amazon sellers. Hire experienced Amazon seller accountants to do this for you so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your store, like the actual selling! Professional accountants will take care of your bookkeeping, invoice tracking, tax returns and more services in a streamlined way. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and embrace new cloud-based forms of accounting to save time and effort in the long run.

3. Keep track of inventory

As a customer, there’s nothing worse than getting your order cancelled or seeing that it’s out of stock after you’ve got your heart set on it. Keep a regular check on your items, what’s going in and out and monitor the status of your orders. Being out of stock will also affect your Amazon ranking and give you less visibility on the listings page. Stay ahead of the game by preparing for busy periods like Black Friday, the festive season and summer, when demand for your products might be higher.

4. Put customers first

Sometimes customers may contact you directly or through Amazon if they have a question. They will also be looking at reviews for your products before they make a purchase. Keep a close eye on your reviews, both negative and positive. Learn from the unhappy comments for ways you can improve. There are plenty of ways to entice customers to leave a review through email, social media and even leaving small feedback cards inside the package offering a discount on their next purchase.

5. High-quality images are a must

Online shoppers are buying items without physically seeing and touching them. There’s a lot of trust going into what you are showing them, so image quality plays a huge part in their buying decision. Lifestyle imagery works well, enabling users to imagine your item in a real-life scenario. Try to capture your product in different angles, show every colour option and, most importantly, make sure they are of the highest resolution Amazon can take. There’s nothing worse than a pixellated image of an item to put a customer off.

6. Deliver exceptional service

If your product and service is good, there’s nothing stopping you from being successful on Amazon. Happy customers lead to a happy business and more revenue for you. It means that they’ll come back for more and tell their network about you, too. Ensure that all your deliveries are on time, respond professionally to any query you get, and deliver items that meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Sell high-demand items that have low competition so you can squeeze maximum profit out of it.

7. Price it right

In the end it’s going to be all about the price. Most often, customers filter their searches by price, the newest item or the most popular. Do plenty of research to come up with your perfect price. Look at what your competitors are doing, see how much you need to make to cover your costs and speak to your target audience to see how much they are willing to pay and for what. Does your quality justify a higher price? Mention this in your product description in a way that your customer understands.

Being successful on Amazon can be translated to being profitable on Amazon, so you need to do everything you can to have a high sell rate that is sustainable and leads to the growth of your business. Look for ways to outsource some of your work to specialists such as finance and accountants, logistics agents and content creation. You need to sell a great product and market it the right way to be seen as something special in the customer’s eyes.

Putting all these tips together is key in being successful online. The e-commerce market is evolving and growing every day. Stay on top of trends, keep up with any changes that Amazon rolls out and keep your customers happy. Success should follow in no time!