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Five finance options online catalogues provide

5th August 2020 Print

Also termed as a shopping account or mail order account, catalogue credit is slowly gaining traction amongst UK customers due to the wide range of benefits it offers. An increasing number of people are realising the convenience it offers, thereby making it more popular than ever.

However, many people, while interested in it, are still confused about what it entails. In simple terms, online catalogues are a way of making purchases and allow you to finance a purchase over a specific period. Additionally, they also provide access to products that you, otherwise, would have difficulty affording.

When you purchase something, like a refrigerator, for instance, you have the option of either paying it in weekly or monthly instalments. By gaining access to multiple finance options, you can decide how you want to purchase a product and pay for it.

So, if you’re now fully interested in online credit catalogues and want to know what financing options you have available, here are the different alternatives you have available:

Purchase and pay later

This financing option is excellent for when you’re interested in buying something, but don’t have the money available immediately. Buy now pay later is the type of credit that allows you to purchase something without the need for any upfront payment. 

The total payment will be split into instalments, which can differ according to every catalogue. Additionally, this option may also require you to pay the sum in full by a specific debt without the need of paying weekly or monthly instalments. 

Failure to pay these instalments could potentially lead to penalties and increased interest rates. Companies also offer promotions on this credit option, such as zero-interest periods for 30 days or even more extended periods for larger purchases, such as furniture and large appliances.

Monthly payments


Many catalogues allow customers to pay monthly with regular payments until the full amount is paid off. Such catalogues are the most popular options amongst customers because all payments are scheduled at the same time each month. The products you can purchase through monthly payments vary from electronics to beauty products and sporting goods. In short, you can buy practically anything on monthly credit.

This payment option is especially common to finance more costly items, such as computers and televisions. It makes a wide range of products affordable by splitting them into smaller payments. All monthly payments are liable to finance charges, and people with a bad credit history are often subject to higher interest rates. The quicker you repay the full amount, the less you’ll pay as interest. A monthly catalogue is an excellent way to improve a line of credit by making regular payments, as long as you make the payments on time.

Bad Credit options

Bad credit catalogues are an excellent option for individuals with low credit ratings. Many catalogues specifically provide finance options to individuals with bad credit. 

Since you are primarily a risk to lenders, you should expect to pay higher interest on such credit. People with bad credit history have a higher probability of defaulting on a payment, which is why higher than average finance charges are likely to incur. Additionally, promotions will not likely be offered to individuals with bad credit.

A bad credit catalogue is specifically for those people who want to improve their credit scores. If you can’t commit to making those regular payments, then it should not be an option you consider. Since every regular payment will be reported to the credit reference agency, your credit score will likely go up as you meet deadlines and get access to better rates.

Weekly payments

Individuals who struggle with a restricted budget may find it challenging to commit to larger payments every month. In this case, weekly payments are an excellent option since the payment will be divided into several smaller amounts that need to be paid every week.

While weekly payments aren’t a standard option, many individuals turn to this credit type in case of emergencies. For instance, if someone needs a new refrigerator urgently and needs it right away, then weekly payment allows financial flexibility when you need to make smaller payments. It gives the impression that you’re paying much less for something as compared to when you’re paying for something in full or through monthly payments.

No credit check

There are also credit options available for individuals with terrible credit scores. While these online credit catalogues are rare, they do exist for people who know that if a credit check is performed, it will be declined. 

What you need to ensure while looking for a no credit catalogue is that the company is reliable. It primarily caters to high-risk borrowers, and such catalogues will determine your risk through other ways, which you should know of.

It’s important to know what you’re signing up for and what documents you’ll need to provide to get approved for such catalogues. Additionally, high fees are exceptionally likely in case you miss your payments.


There are many online credit catalogue options available, even for those with horrible credit. Hence, one should never think that they won’t be approved for a line of credit. Many individuals have catalogue options available who are willing to take a risk on them.

Thus, it’s vital to explore all alternatives available to you before you give up. It would help if you did your due diligence to avoid getting conned and paying higher penalties or fees. Luckily, there are reputable online credit catalogues that can help you figure this out without any hassle.

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