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Here is why newsletter printing is a smart marketing strategy for your company

20th November 2020 Print

When it comes to marketing your company or business, you need a smart strategy to reach your target market. There are different marketing strategies out there, but few are capable of driving desirable results. One way of distributing information and creating brand awareness of your company is through newsletter printing. It offers the best way to put your company name in front of the eyes of who mostly need your services, including your clients, associates, new clients, and other people that make up your target audience. Nevertheless, printed newsletters are the perfect way to compliment other forms of advertising and marketing, such as business websites, blogging, social media advertising, among others. 

Many companies who have recognized the power of newspaper printing, print magazines, and printed catalogs continue to enjoy an improved Return On Investment (ROI). For instance, one famous business mogul says that his business empire is founded on newsletter printing. More than half of his clients rise from the newsletter subscribe base, which he would otherwise spend more than a fortune to find them. That has made his business unique and thrive significantly. 

I know you are probably wondering where you can print your company newsletters when all the printing offices get engrossed in daily newspapers. The good thing is that you can publish company newspapers weekly or monthly thanks to online printing websites. Online printing websites offer you a quick and convenient way to get your company newspaper. You don't have to wait for days to get your newsletters done since they use fast digital printing. Additionally, you can print only a limited number of newspapers depending on your pocket; therefore, it offers you flexibility. Here is why newspaper printing is a smart marketing strategy for your company.

More influence

Printed company newspapers are inarguably more influential than any other form of marketing, such as emails. Clients attach more value to printed newspapers than online content. According to research in 2014 by a notable newsletter publisher, more than 80% of the respondents indicated that they regularly read newsletters of companies they have relationships with whether they receive them for free or through subscriptions. The same group said that they read digital publications only about 20% of the time. That indicates the vast difference between the two marketing strategies. While the delete button quickly kills online publications, people attach more value to printed newspapers. 

A longer shelf life

For many companies who use printed newsletters, it is easier to receive clients asking about products and services by referencing a newsletter mailed months ago. That indicates the power of printed newsletters. Clients will always revisit. On the other hand, it is rare for a client to sit in a comfy chair and start reviewing emails sent a couple of months ago. Plus, it can be difficult to trace it with all the archive and delete buttons.

It is a great way to recognize your clients.

Nothing makes a client happier than spotting their picture or mentioning in a printed company newsletter. People get so excited when they see themselves in print. Therefore, printed newsletters offer a great way to recognize your clients.


Printing will always be part and parcel of people's lives, no matter how much online content gets into the market. When you print company newspapers, clients recognize the effort and the real money you invest in communicating with them and consequently reciprocate.