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Will robots ever be able to replace humans in customer service?

6th March 2022 Print

Artificial intelligence and robots are beginning to permeate almost every industry, and they will replace humans in a variety of roles in the future. Chatbots have already entered the customer service sector, and they could be a sign that robots will have a stronger influence there in the future. Will people agree with this, or will they always want to have human contact for online services?

Chatbots Could Be a Sign of Things to Come

A common feature of websites that is becoming more ubiquitous is a chat box that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the user's screen. These pop up automatically and are usually robots programmed to answer a vast number of frequently asked questions. The technology is so advanced now that they can replicate real conversations thanks to being coded to respond to a variety of cues.

Many users find chatbots useful and, a lot of the time, they can help people find out what they need to know. This saves time and means less hassle. The question is, will technology go one step further and have bots in place of customer service representatives over the phone or on live feeds as well?

Humans Can’t Be Replaced in Every Situation

There are some situations online in which it feels as though humans simply are indispensable. This is most notably apparent in the online entertainment industry. For example, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Twitch lovers log on to watch videos of their favourite robot streamer over a real-life person. Similarly, in eSports, viewers wouldn’t get the same buzz out of watching infallible robots competing against one another.

The same could be said for the online casino industry. When virtual reality was first set to hit the mainstream in 2016, Microgaming created a VR table game with a robot dealer. It was a novel idea, but in the years since then players have shown a much stronger preference for human contact in live casino games.

Because of the popularity of this form of gaming, many online casinos around the USA like Borgata Casino or PartyCasino have approved the launch of blackjack games with a dealer live. Now, players can compare the best offers and bonuses to choose where to play. It’s hard to imagine robot croupiers having the same kind of pulling power as live dealers, and if there was a switch the genre may not be as popular as it is today.

Advancement of AI Could Lead to a Seamless Transition


There is a chance that the move towards robots in customer service roles happens without people noticing. Many developments in AI have occurred over the last decade and people have simply grown accustomed to them.

For example, Apple’s Siri feature has become significantly better at providing answers for people since it was released in 2010. If AI becomes so high-tech that it can replicate human interaction, people may be better prepared to deal with it in online scenarios.

Robots aren’t going to replace humans in all areas of customer service any time soon, but they may start to permeate various industries over the next decade. We may end up getting used to them over time, as their functions become more advanced.