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How ecommerce businesses can think greener and become more sustainable this year

20th June 2022 Print

The process of running an ecommerce business is becoming more competitive than ever. Recent years have seen a growth in people shopping online and choosing home delivery rather than going into a physical store. 

Even though customers are shopping online more, they have other expectations as well, such as sustainability. Here, then, is how e-tail businesses can ‘greenify’ their thinking and bolster their own sustainability practices during 2022. 

Change the packaging

One aspect of your business that can be changed is the packaging used for your products. This is one of the main areas of concern for customers, and it is something they can see when they buy your products. 

Companies such as Acopia offer eco-friendly packaging within the UK and can help you to change over quickly and easily. The sooner you can do this, the sooner your customers will see the change and this will then spread by word of mouth. 

Another side to it is how much packaging your products need. Think about how your packaging could be adapted to still provide the required protection, but using less materials. 

Make sustainability part of your company image

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of business practices on the environment. It means that when they consider buying from a company, they want to know what they stand for, and how important the environment is to their ethos. 

If you want to be considered a company that cares about the planet, then you need to tell your customers. This means making a commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly and setting out how you intend to achieve it. These need to be backed up with actions, or your customers will know. 

Look at energy consumption

Many companies are now looking at how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Part of this is how much energy they consume, and how that energy is generated. 

One way to change this is to look at your firm’s electricity arrangements and see if you can switch to solar power. Another way is to replace gas boilers with heat generators which are more efficient and don’t rely on fossil fuels. 

Changing the way logistics are used

If you use a fleet of vehicles to move your supplies or products, then this is another area that can be changed to become more environmentally friendly. Many companies are now switching their fleet vehicles to hybrid or all-electric. 

This change will have a big impact on the carbon footprint of the company, and is another visual way for customers to see your change. 

If you use external logistics companies, try to use those that have or are preparing to have electric vehicles or low emission vehicles. This will also send a positive message to your clients and customers and show your commitment. 


Amid the broader cultural emphasis on companies trying to become more energy efficient, it is important that your company seeks out alternative ways to produce and package its own products. 

With moves such as those detailed above, you can attract many customers that consider environmental protection a top priority.