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5 tips to get your business ready for GDPR

On 25th May 2018, there will be a fundamental change to the way that all businesses process and are able to move personal data.

Ahead of GDPR: what can we learn from Uber’s data breach and its concealment?

Uber has come under fire (again) recently for the way it handled a data breach in October 2016.

What is social trading and why is it beneficial?

Social trading is far more than a buzz term. It is revolutionising the trading world. But what is social trading? And why is social trading beneficial?

Is your tech team up to scratch?

Whether your business operates in the field of retail, manufacturing or marketing, you doubtless have a tech team of sorts.

Broadband boost for businesses

Businesses to benefit from grants of up to £3000 to get gigabit broadband installed as part of a £2 million trial taking place in four areas around the UK.

8 black hat SEO strategies you probably don’t know you are using

8 black hat SEO strategies you probably don’t know you are using

Every year, Google ups its antics for identifying websites that aim to deceive search algorithms into ranking them favourably.

The importance of branding and tips on getting it right

Branding goes beyond your logo or slogan although of course this is part of it – it actually involves every aspect of a customer’s experience from your social media posts to staff uniforms and even the way you interact with customers.

How to leverage the success of your business

When it comes to making your business successful, you always need to keep your vision in sight, because a big vision will take your business a long way.

How to spread your online brand offline

If you’re an online brand, most of the content you’ll find will tell you how to better promote your brand online. Common online promotional methods include social media, search engine optimisation and online ads.

How do explainer videos boost your SEO ranking?

How do explainer videos boost your SEO ranking?

Explainer videos are becoming a very popular digital marketing tool. They are used on company websites, on the second largest search engine in the world- YouTube, and as a significant part of social media ad campaigns to create a social buzz.

The ever-changing classroom thanks to technology

Technology has allowed teaching to become easier and the learning experience of students to be enhanced.

eBay opens the world’s first subconsicous shopping experience

Do you ever feel like you shop on autopilot? Have you caught yourself buying the same things you always do, or what everyone else has?

AmazonFresh adds selection from Booths

Amazon has announced that grocery products from Booths, the award-winning grocer with 28 stores across the North of England, are now available on AmazonFresh.

22 ways to improve your website user experience and reduce bounce rates

22 ways to improve your website user experience and reduce bounce rates

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website without visiting other pages on your website, you can view these statistics with your Google Analytics.

The Insta-Body

The rise of digital media and social platforms has changed many attitudes towards exercise, fitness and nutrition.