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The benefits of starting your own business

14th September 2021 Print

With the pandemic triggering many of us to question our overall happiness within our current workplaces, March 2020 to June 2021 marked the highest record for business start-ups to date. Recent studies show that over 440,000 people started new businesses in June 2021.

Starting your own business can be an incredibly exciting venture. If you’ve always dreamed of steering your own company and surrounding yourself with a team of talented people who share your goal, then there’s no better time than now to put the wheels in motion. To help you begin, here are a handful of reasons why starting your own business can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make throughout your career.

Be Your Own Boss

In 2020, a study revealed that out of 2000 employed people in the UK, over 1 in 5 Brits (21.6%) planned to start a business and become their own boss. There are endless perks to being in charge. If you are a natural leader who has an abundance of creative ideas, often taking orders from someone above you can limit your potential. Being your own boss allows you to take the reins. You can implement any idea that you wish and navigate a like-minded team to make your dreams a success.

You’ll Be More Motivated Than Ever

When you’ve nurtured a business and watched it grow from a tiny seedling, flourishing into a successful brand and legacy, it means everything to you. You become fully invested in every pitch, post, product, and service that you provide your clients – giving you the motivation to get out of bed and strive for excellence every single day!

You Will Be Pursuing Your Passion

When you work in a generic job role for another company, it’s likely that it’s not what you’re passionate about – it’s what the company owners are passionate about. When you create your own business, you’re no longer working to achieve somebody else’s vision, you’re fuelling your own. However big your business goals are, you’ll feel empowered and invigorated about what it is you’re working towards when it’s your own dreams in question. 

Build The Perfect Team

When the power is in your hands, you no longer have to put up with colleagues with who you may not necessarily get along with. Being your own boss means that you have the luxury of building a unique team around you, who will add great value to your company in more than one way. It’s vital that coming to work every day you enjoy the people you surround yourself with. Creating the optimum team full of talented, driven, and likeable people, will make the world of difference to your working week. 

Not only this but you get to decide how you wish to carry out tasks. Perhaps you want to outsource some of your work to specialised agencies to help you with optimisation or occasionally call on talented free-lancers during busy spells. This is a great way to keep team well-being intact when the calendar gets chaotic.