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The many reasons to use a VPN: Which are the most important to know about?

9th July 2021 Print

Technology has transformed how we live and work massively in recent times. Perhaps the best example of this is the internet. Since being rolled out for public use in the early 1990s, it has taken its place at the centre of society. Such is its importance that it is hard to imagine living without it now. From social media platforms to cloud computing and video calls, online connectivity underpins it all.

This means that most people now use the internet daily – be it for work or play. As a tech-based solution, you will most probably have heard lots of different terminology attached to it. VPNs may fall into this category and be something that you have come across before but might not know much about.

In simple terms, VPN stands for virtual private network and is a type of internet network that hides/encrypts your IP address. This is normally done by transferring your online activity through a secure chain to a server a long distance away from you. More and more people are beginning to use VPNs now to access the internet – but why is this?

Improved security 

Cybercrime is a growing threat and continues to become more of an issue with each passing year. This can be a real problem for those who use public Wi-Fi networks at places such as cafes. Hackers will often target public Wi-Fi in locations such as this because they are fairly easy to breach. Using a VPN when out though protects you from this threat by effectively hiding your personal data, browsing history, passwords and bank details from hackers. VPNs are just as handy when using the internet from home. Rather than standard home internet networks, VPNs keep you safer by encrypting your data and IP address.

If you like to play fun online casino games, for example, VPNs are far better than public or standard home networks. This is because they will protect your details and internet activity from falling into the wrong hands. Of course, you should also choose where you play games such as this carefully to stay fully protected. 

Playing at a no account casino, as shown on the NetEnt Casino site, is a good tip. These sites do not require you to create an account to play first and so do not see you sending sensitive data over internet networks. For a full rundown of the best no account iGaming sites that you can trust, check out NetEnt Casino today. 

Better privacy

Next to improved security, many people turn to VPNs for better privacy. This might sound the same thing, but it is not. Privacy is more concerned with preventing internet service providers, sites or apps from snooping on what you are doing – without your permission. 

Everything you do online is transmitted in a constant stream of information from the internet to your computer and vice versa, via your router. This information is easily accessible by internet service providers and open to being collected or sold (without your knowledge) by unscrupulous ones. Using a VPN helps to solve this privacy issue by obscuring your IP address from your own internet provider, thus stopping them potentially tracking and looking at what you are doing. A VPN will also prevent sites and apps from matching your online behaviour to your IP address for better privacy.

Simple to use and good value 

As well as finding the most user-friendly websites online, you should also find the most easy-to-handle tech solutions. VPNs, unlike a lot of other high-tech solutions, are simple to operate. Most will now come with intuitive user interfaces to make installation easy, for example. All good VPN providers will also have lots of support and online help to access if you do get stuck! VPNs are also good value for money – especially when you think of the protection they give from what could be very serious online issues. The price you pay is well worth it when you think how much someone stealing your passwords or bank details online could cost.

Many reasons to use a VPN 

As well as the above, VPNs are also a great option for working remotely in a more secure way. As this style of working becomes more common, VPNs can help companies keep their key systems safe when accessed by staff from home. Whether for work or for personal use, there is no doubt that this kind of encrypted internet network is a wise choice.  

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