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7 of the best platforms for freelancers

26th May 2022 Print

Becoming a freelancer can be extremely difficult. Essentially, you are your own manager and are in charge of every decision that you make with regard to your career. You decide how much work you take on and who you ultimately work for. 

So, if you are considering this pathway, you may need to think about which platforms would be best to help you find customers who require the skills of a freelancer. Here are seven of the best freelancing platforms to get started. 

1. Creative Commission

Creative Commission provides a platform for music-industry managers and record labels to find the most suitable freelance talents for their projects, on a safe and secure website. 

The platform showcases invaluable opportunities for animators, designers, developers, photographers and videographers. With its job search, shortlisting and messaging tools, Creative Commission is an invaluable portal of call for professionals in this highly competitive industry. 

2. Fiverr 

If you have just started off in your freelancing career, Fiverr could be a great way to help clients get in touch with you about your services. Its most popular categories are in relation to art, including website and logo design. However, it is also perfect for content and photography. What’s even better is that Fiverr also offers specific courses to help you develop your skill-set.

3. Upwork

This platform is extremely useful for freelancers looking for more specific jobs. You will be able to filter your search with your contract length, hourly rates, and project prices. It is a very good website that is simple to use to contact both paid clients and potential clients.

4. Flexjobs

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of people feel more comfortable working from their homes or remotely. Flexjobs allows this opportunity and helps freelancers browse for local jobs in their area. There are job resources to help you expand on your skill-set, and you will feel comfortable and confident on the browser.

5. Toptal

If you are looking for an exclusive freelancing website to find new opportunities, Toptal could be the ideal platform for you. 

You will have to go through an intense screening process to advertise on this website. Only 3-5% of applicants actually make it through this screening. If you make it through this process, you will have access to a number of large companies and can apply for higher salaries than you could on a typical freelance website.

6. Freelancer

With over 1,800 categories to choose from on this job board, Freelancer advertises for a variety of skillsets. Therefore, it’s a great platform to show off your skills. You can even use an instant chat facility to speak with clients and enter contests to win extra money. 

7. Guru

This is a trusted platform with a large community of people who are able to browse over 800,000 employers looking for work. To apply for a job, you will need to bid on it. What’s useful about Guru is that it has the lowest fees to join this platform and has a support team just in case you struggle to understand how to use the site. 

Have you decided that Creative Commission could be the most invaluable and relevant of these freelancer platforms for your own needs? If so, you will find it a straightforward, quick and convenient process to register your own account here