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Tech and Hospitality: 6 reasons why hotels are so convenient now

14th January 2022 Print
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How would you like to be sitting in your hotel room, getting ready for bed when suddenly the phone rings? Someone wants to deliver a pizza. To make things even more mind-boggling, what if the person calling you was not actually at your door but was milling about in an office somewhere else. This might make it even harder to understand why they think it's acceptable for them to phone you up and ask you questions about whether or not you want extra cheese on your pie.

The idea of this all might seem strange but this is something that could happen very soon as hotels around the world begin to adopt new technology such as advanced communication devices and using apps on handheld devices such as smartphones. So let's take a closer look into what is now being deemed as 'convenient'.

1. Technology boosts hotel operation efficiency

Technology has made hotel operations more efficient by taking a few steps further for their guests. According to this Sabre SynXis CRS review, online bookings up to the checkout of guests are efficiently taken care of by central reservation system (CRS) platforms and help hotel staff to determine the arrival time of their guests and get their reservations all set. Also, it's not uncommon for the hotel staff to deliver a few items before your trip that will help make things easier once you arrive. For example, if it's cold where you’re visiting but warm in the city, they'll drop off a scarf or hat for you before you leave so you don't have to pack one.

How many times have you left something behind in your hotel room? Whether it's lip balm or an extra pillow, odds are you've probably forgotten something somewhere along the way. With tablet devices, hotels are now able to provide digital do not disturb signs that allow guests to put their 'makeup' on whilst still in bed just before housekeeping arrives, saving precious minutes that could be spent elsewhere - maybe even more sleep!

2. Guest engagement

If a guest wants a bottle of water at 3 am, they can simply turn to an iPad and order it without having to get out of bed or even lift the receiver on the phone. As well as this, guests can manage their check-in/check-out times using apps such as Key by Opentable, which allows guests to go directly from reserving a table to paying for the meal with one click. Also, hotel rooms come equipped with technology to make your stay as easy as possible. The hotel may offer free Wi-Fi, which means you can work from the comfort of your room instead of having to take care of business in the lobby or at a coffee shop. Many also provide flat-screen TVs that allow you to order on-demand movies, games, and even room service without ever leaving your bed. If you forgot something at home, say an iron, don't worry! The front desk will be happy to provide one for you at no charge.

3. Saving money and time

The fusion of technology and hospitality has raised the bar for the hotel experience of guests around the world. Using devices such as iPads during your stay means that you'll be able to save time spent waiting; whether it's for housekeeping to arrive, room service, or for valet parking staff – all these appointments can be organized beforehand and guests can choose when they would like them to happen. As well as this, guests no longer have to wait in line to use the wi-fi or join a queue at reception for their check-out time.

Hotels are also surprisingly more affordable than they used to be. You can expect to find an onsite pool, fitness center, and laundry services at almost any hotel you look through, which means you can entertain yourself without taking a ton of time out of your vacation. In addition, many hotels provide complimentary breakfast to make sure you start your day off right!

4. Communication convenience

Mobile phone companies are always trying to one-up each other and offer the best deals and coverage. As a result, guests can use their own devices in-house which means they won't receive any hefty phone bills when they get home. Plus, guests will also be able to take photos of their stay and share them with family and friends whilst on holiday or business trips using apps such as Instagram or Twitter without having to worry about roaming charges. With a Wi-Fi connection available in most hotels, including independent ones, guests can post real-time updates about their hotel stay on social media. Online reviews and ratings are also done conveniently with Internet connectivity available for guests. 

5. Privacy and affordability 

Hotels are also technologically savvy when it comes to keeping your information private. Most hotels have a computerized system where you don't have to present an ID, instead of giving your phone number or company name for security. You can check yourself in on the computer at any hour of the day by following prompts on the screen, and most hotels are even pet-friendly these days. 

Business travelers love hotels because they understand how expensive it is to travel. With so much going on in a city, you can't waste time looking for a place to eat every night or spending an hour figuring out where you want to go so you can find parking. Instead, you can get room service at your hotel for less than $20 and be on your way to the business meeting you've been dreading!

6. Personalisation

One of the best things about staying at a hotel is you get to choose what kind of bed or pillows you want to use; meaning that your comfort during your stay is not only reliant on how much money you've spent but also on which star rating system you picked your room out from! All this choice and personalization can now be added into one simple and easy app, and guests won't even need to call down to reception or wait around for housekeeping anymore - they can do it all by themselves through their devices.

The food is better than ever at hotels. People stay in rooms for longer periods of time than they used to, meaning that people who once would have gone out to eat or bought snacks from a convenience store now stay inside and order their dinner from the front desk without batting an eyelash. It's also not unusual for hotels to offer free breakfast with your room so you don't even need to leave the hotel to get your day started right.


There are many reasons why hotels are so convenient now. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you'll find that modern amenities make it easier than ever to do anything all within a single building. It's no wonder why more people love staying at hotels!

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