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How to explore Toronto in style

14th January 2022 Print

Toronto is a world-class city that millions of people visit every year for business or pleasure. It’s a great destination for solo travelers, couples, and families. There’s no shortage of things to see and do. Sweeping panoramas, food festivals, international cuisine, museums, and exclusivist shopping centers are only a few of the main attractions that bring people to this lovely Canadian city. 

Are you planning a trip to Toronto and want to have a unique experience? Here is how to explore the city in style. 

Splurge on Accommodation 

Your impression of Toronto will be heavily influenced by your chosen accommodation. The experience of waking up in a luxurious room in a foreign city is unparalleled. Toronto is home to many world-famous hotels. However, if you plan an extended stay, it may be a better idea to check luxury furnished rentals toronto

A luxury furnished apartment can be your home away from home. It comes many and provides a unique level of privacy, comfort, and convenience. No matter which location you prefer in the city, you can find something to your taste.  

Rent a Luxury Car 

A great way to travel around Toronto and explore the city in style is to rent a vehicle. Although any car can help you achieve freedom as a traveler, nothing compares to the joy of riding in a luxury car as you soak up the atmosphere of the city. 

A luxury car can bring comfort and convenience to your journey. However, for a great experience and affordable rates, make sure to get in touch with reliable rental providers in the city. 

If you’ve ever wanted to drive a rare or classic car, why not make your dream come true while in Toronto? You are likely to find a vast collection of rental cars here.   

Book a Yacht and Visit the Toronto Islands 

The Toronto Islands are a picturesque archipelago of 15 islands with a more tranquil life, beautiful beaches, and stunning views. There are plenty of things to do on the islands, and the most luxurious way to get there and explore the sights is to book a yacht.  

The Toronto Islands are an excellent choice for a day trip outside the city. You will get spectacular views of Toronto’s downtown skyline from the water. 

Go on a Culinary Tour 

Toronto is home to more than 7000 restaurants, which means there’s an incredible culinary diversity that would take a person months or years to discover. Going on a culinary tour is a wonderful way to test the city’s best restaurants, try new international dishes, and have fun in the process. Each neighborhood has its specificity, so it’s best to check as many as possible. 

Toronto’s food scene is an overwhelming experience. No matter your personal preferences, you will find all your favorites and get the chance to sample new extraordinary dishes. 

For fine dining and world-renowned chefs, visit the Financial and Entertainment districts. 

Use our tips to plan a wonderful stay in Toronto and enjoy the best of what the city has to offer.