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Michael Bilokonsky on Experience the Road: How driving a motorcycle differs from a car

20th January 2021 Print

While driving both a motorcycle and a car have their benefits and thrills, they are entirely different experiences according to motor vehicle enthusiast Michael Bilokonsky. From the handling, to the climate, to the reasons for hitting the road, driving a bike is a totally different game, he says. 

Michael Bilokonsky grew up in Cleveland Ohio. He then attended West Virginia University with the intention of becoming a school teacher and football coach. Upon graduation, he found few positions available in his chosen field and decided to make a change. After spending five years learning the ropes in a mega-logistics company, Bilokonsky founded Whitehorse Freight in Kentucky. As the President and CEO, he runs a no-nonsense business offering clients excellence at competitive prices. In his spare time, Bilokonsky enjoys riding his motorcycle and appreciating all that life can offer.

According to Bilokonsky, there are many reasons to take up motorcycle riding. Here are his top five.

1. Environment

Generally speaking, motorcycles are more environmentally friendly than cars and other vehicles. Due to their more compact size, they require less energy and fewer materials to make, which reduces pollution in the production process. Once they are out on the road, they use less gas than other vehicles, further reducing their environmental impact. Especially if you have a long commute, Bilokonsky says, they are a great option for getting around and reducing your environmental footprint. 

2. Cost

There’s no arguing that transportation can be expensive. If you’re on a budget, a motorcycle might be a great way to reduce cost. They have a lower starting price than most vehicles, consume less gas for traveling equal distance, have fewer parts and systems to maintain, and are generally very long-lasting. Particularly for those who take care of their vehicles, many motorcycles’ lifespans are longer than cars. Another great perk about being a motorcycle driver over a car is that motorcycles often have better resale values than cars. For Bilokonsky, finding the right bike can be more than just a fun activity—it can be a smart investment as well.

3. Efficiency

If you live in a city, driving a motorcycle can help you get around faster. Instead of getting stuck in traffic with a larger vehicle, make use of the compact size and skip long lines for exits or lights. 

Another great benefit of the motorcycle’s small size is the ability to find parking—something many city-dwellers will tell you is a challenge at the best of times. Even if you take your bike out for a weekend trip, stopping at the best attractions like cafes or lookouts will be even easier since you won’t have to circle around crowded lots looking for space.

4. Social

One of the most unique benefits of driving a motorcycle is the opportunity to engage in a community, says Bilokonsky. There are many social groups who get together to talk about motorcycles in general and to take long drives together. Even if you’re driving solo, you’ll find you’re much more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger since you are not confined and isolated inside the walls of a car. People are likely to ask you about your bike, talk about the time they rode one or how they have always wanted one, and generally engage in conversation. In many cases, these conversations can turn into lifelong friendships—a phenomenon rarely experienced by most car-drivers.

5. Experience

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for Bilokonsky, the visceral experience of driving a motorcycle is truly like no other. On a bike, there is no climate control and no barrier. As the driver, you are more connected with the environment around you, even if it is perhaps less comfortable than being seated in the car. Fresh air, the scent of nature or city, and the openness of being on a motorcycle cannot compare. For Bilokonsky, a motorcycle offers a sense of freedom that other vehicles simply cannot. 


Whether you are considering a motorcycle for the sense of freedom or as a practical choice for your pocketbook and the environment, there are many things to consider when it comes to your preferred mode of transportation. Whatever you choose, Bilokonsky is adamant that driving a car is simply not the same experience as riding a motorcycle. On the road and off, a motorcycle is a different beast.