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Steps to take if you experience a motorbike accident

Steps to take if you experience a motorbike accident

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can damaging but what steps should you take? Read on and we’ll help you understand what’s needed.

Why do some prefer motorcycles over cars?

Why do some prefer motorcycles over cars?

There will come a time in most people‘s lives when they will need to decide upon which form of transport to use to get to where they need to go. Of course, public transport is always a valid option, but this is not the best way to reliably get to places on time, all the time.

The Do’s and Don’ts of motorcycle maintenance

The Do’s and Don’ts of motorcycle maintenance

Maintaining your motorcycle’s agility, structure, and fuel capabilities are crucial to experiencing your bike’s full power, whether you’re on the highway, country roads, or simply commuting through town.

Practical reasons why you need to install a motorcycle windshield

Practical reasons why you need to install a motorcycle windshield

Those who are passionate about motorbikes know how fascinating these vehicles can be, starting from their superb engines that each of these machines comes with, to their outstanding appearance.

Is the electric motorbike lagging behind the electric car?

The world of motoring is in the middle of a period of fundamental transition. Soon, the point will come where the electric car is cheaper to buy than its ICE-based equivalent – and after this milestone, the days of the internal combustion engine will be numbered.

Michael Bilokonsky on Experience the Road: How driving a motorcycle differs from a car

While driving both a motorcycle and a car have their benefits and thrills, they are entirely different experiences according to motor vehicle enthusiast Michael Bilokonsky. From the handling, to the climate, to the reasons for hitting the road, driving a bike is a totally different game, he says.

What you should know when buying a used Harley

Motorcycle buyers must review vital details about Harley Davidson motorcycles when choosing the best model for them. If they do not have the means to purchase a brand-new bike, the buyer can consider a used motorcycle and find a better deal.

How to choose the first motorbike: Tips for students

Many young people think about getting transportation means to go to campus, and some opt for a motorbike. But how to choose the right one?

How custom motorcycles are growing in popularity again

Motorcycling is an activity that is synonymous with individuality and flair, so it is hardly surprising that there is a long history of people building custom mo-torcycles dating all the way back to the early 1900s.

Ride in style and with comfort! 9 easy hacks for motorbike riders

Bike riding is fun and a dream come true to many speed lovers. When you ride a bike, you feel like you’re free from the grasp of the world, and with the cool breeze hitting your face, nothing can be better.

Guide to buying a motorcycle helmet

Contrary to popular belief, buying a motorcycle helmet doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Nor does it need to be particularly stressful. Instead, it’s simply a case of targeting your search as strategically as possible.

Are you looking for a new motorcycle challenge?

If you’re after a new motorcycle challenge, look no further. As the summer months approach, you can finally look forward to lighter nights and plenty of sunshine (hopefully).

Aged Angels: One third of UK motorcyclists are over 46

Younger motorcyclists are facing competition on the roads as an older generation gets back on their bikes.

The beginner's guide to buying your first bike online

The time has come to buy your own motorbike. You’re confident on the road, and you’ve proven you’re worthy of a licence. Now it’s time to take a trip to an esteemed motorcycle dealer like Metropolis Motorcycles or see what you can find online.

500 Vintage bikes ride out together for nostalgic Banbury Run!

500 Vintage bikes ride out together for nostalgic Banbury Run!

Around 500 Veteran and Vintage motorcycles will ride out together when the Heritage Motor Centre hosts the nostalgic Vintage Motor Cycle Club Banbury Run on Saturday 21 June.