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Best cars for photographers

Being a photographer may mean different things to different professionals, depending on which line of photography they specialize in. After all, the experiences of a wildlife photographer, a fashion photographer and a wedding photographer will most likely not be the same, for more reasons than one!

Petrol or hybrid? Which one to go for?

But most of us have grown accustomed to our diesel and petrol vehicles. The prospect of buying an electric or hybrid alternative can pose more questions than it answers.

Debunking classic car myths

Most car models have a unique feature, whether it’s technological innovation, impressive power, or environmental efficiency – but there are a few special models that offer even more.

The changing face of fuel

In recent years the transport sector in the UK has faced stark criticism over its failure to reduce its contribution to global warming.

Diesel Particulate Filter problems and how to avoid them

Diesel Particulate Filter problems and how to avoid them

Diesel cars, although extremely popular because of their speed and comfort of driving, have one major drawback. They produce exhaust fumes contaminated with soot and solid particles which negatively affect the environment and our health.

A guide to buying a car for the first time

Buying a car is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you can do, and this is something you need to make sure you get right.

Could the brand of your car make a difference to how much it is worth in scrap?

When it comes to scrapping your car, one thing that you are going to want to make sure that you do, is get the most that you can for your car.

British car buying habits

According to Google’s ‘Car Purchasing Process UK’ report in April 2017, 71% of the UK adult population are car owners, with nearly half (47%) of vehicles purchased within the last two years.

The top 10 cars for short distance road trips

Everyone likes going on a road trip from time to time, so it makes sense that you would consider this aspect of usage when comparing prospective vehicle models for an upcoming purchase.

What can we expect for the future of fuel?

The electric vehicle market experienced a record year in sales in 2017, averaging over 4,000 new registrations per month in the UK — a significant increase compared to 2013 figures, which witnessed just 3,500 new registrations over the entire year!

8 ways to make your car look awesome

Having a car can be quite expensive, so it is not surprising that many car owners spend a considerable amount of time looking after them.

The UK’s ambition to be the cleanest country across the globe by 2050

By the year 2050, the UK plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero. This is a positive leap that would see the UK take the accolade of being the cleanest country across the globe.

Nearly half of consumers deem bad drivers biggest road distraction

A concerning 40% of consumers have deemed bad drivers as the biggest distraction on the roads, according to new research by cost comparison site, Quote Goat.

Alternative fuel cars overtake diesel according to potential car buyers

Ahead of the 19-registration plate being released on 1 March, research from GoCompare Car Insurance reveals that if they were to buy a new car today, 27% of motorists would choose to buy a hybrid or electric powered car.

Secrets of the car showroom revealed

Admiral Car Finance has worked with a panel of motor sales experts with 65 years of experience between them. They’ve anonymously shared their tips and advice when it comes to buying a car to help car buyers purchase a vehicle with confidence.