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Revealed: The most confident drivers in the UK

28th February 2024 Print

With Google searches for ‘why am I scared of driving?’ surging by 100% in the past month alone, more Brits than ever before are struggling from a lack of confidence when it comes to driving.

With this in mind, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has analysed various data points including traffic, Google search data, weather and casualties, to reveal the UK towns and cities which are home to the most confident drivers.

Where in the UK is home to the most confident drivers?

Gateshead is officially home to the most confident drivers in the UK, with a ranking of 0.8%.

The Northern town is closely followed by Wigan (1.32%), Rotherham (10.32%), Sunderland (15.33%) and Nottingham (16.13%).

Gateshead receives just 60 monthly Google searches for ‘how to overcome the fear of driving’, a decrease of 100% in the past 12 months as locals feel more confident on the roads.

Interestingly, Gateshead has only seen a 2.38% increase in traffic in a 29 year period (1993 - 2022), which could help when it comes to driver nerves as there aren’t too many vehicles on the road, compared to other UK regions.

With 250 monthly searches for ‘how to overcome the fear of driving’, Liverpool is home to the most nervous drivers in the UK.

Keith Hawes, Director at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has revealed five simple steps you can take to ease nerves whilst driving across the UK.

Share the journey

If you are an anxious driver, having a confident driver in the passenger seat can help ease your discomfort whilst driving. They may help calmly direct you to your destination, or simply offer encouragement whilst navigating traffic, roundabouts or parking.

Take advanced lessons

Even if you have passed your driving test, taking advanced lessons with an instructor can help you overcome your fear of driving. Advanced lessons can vary from Motorway lessons to simply navigating roads easily. Talking to an instructor about some of your worries will make you feel better and they can offer ways to ease fear.

Avoid driving in rush hour

If you do have a fear of driving, you may find that driving during rush hour or even in difficult weather conditions can induce worry, so it’s best to avoid driving during these times if you work a 9-5.

Prepare yourself

For anyone with driving anxiety, you should avoid driving on an empty stomach or relying on caffeine. Small things like this can increase your driving fear massively, so before driving ensure you’ve eaten and avoided caffeine to avoid your body feeling anxious before you’ve driven.

Talk to a professional

Not all driving fears can be fixed simply, so seeking therapy or help from a professional can help you identify the cause of your driving anxiety and provide you with techniques to help you become a confident driver.