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Overspray and your automobile

Out on the road, there are many things that can do damage to your car. In most cases, there’s not much to stop it. For instance, road crews have just finished painting the double yellow lines and white shoulder margin.

How to buy your first car

Buying your first car is an amazing experience and everyone remembers their first set of wheels fondly. It is a huge purchase to make and it can be daunting when it is your first time, but there are a few simple steps to take which will help you to find the right car for your needs and also avoid common mistakes.

What are you entitled to as a Blue Badge holder?

If you are a disabled driver, having a Blue Badge can open you up to a wide range of opportunities. The badge may be issued automatically if you receive a mobility allowance.

Car safety features you need to know about in 2018

These days, it is surprising if you are over the age of 18 and don’t have a car, or at least have not passed your test! Car sales do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon and as the years have gone by, more and more safety features are being added to cars to make them safe should you, unfortunately, find yourself in a car accident.

Practical advice for when you’ve passed your driving test

Practical advice for when you’ve passed your driving test

Now that you’ve finally passed your driving test the first thing you probably want to do is jump in the car and go somewhere. However, you might have the professional qualification, but there are still a few things you need to be mindful of before you start feeling overly confident in your motor.

Is it beneficial owning a car as a student?

If you are about to become a university student, there is a lot to think about, especially regarding money. Being a student can be hard and if you do not have a lot of cash saved up before you move to university it may be even harder.

Test drive tips

For many drivers, taking a potential new car out for a test drive is vital to the buying experience, as it helps you determine if a car is right for you and your needs – or whether it's one to avoid.

Jaguar charges ahead with all-new electric I-Pace

Jaguar charges ahead with all-new electric I-Pace

The Jaguar I-PACE is the electric vehicle drivers have been waiting for. Clean, smart and safe, the I-PACE delivers sustainable sports car performance, next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) technology and five-seat SUV practicality to place Jaguar at the forefront of the EV revolution.

Misfuelling mishaps could prove costly for motorists

Distracted drivers who fill their tank with the wrong fuel could be left facing a hefty repair bill, according to new research from independent financial information business, Defaqto.

Car tax bands to change in April

Car tax bands to change in April

In last year's Autumn Budget Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, announced an increase in car tax for all new diesel cars (vans and commercial vehicles were exempt).

The future of the gearstick

There is plenty going on in the motoring world at the moment, from the emergence of autonomous vehicles on public roads to the fact that we may no longer see petrol and diesel cars rolling off production lines across the UK come 2040.

Improvements for the electric vehicle industry

The electric vehicle industry is celebrating a record year for new registrations in 2017 — averaging over 4,000 new registrations per month in 2017.

Common mistakes to avoid in your theory test

Common mistakes to avoid in your theory test

Passing your driving test is one of those coming-of-age moments where you suddenly feel a new wealth of freedom, but let’s not forget the work a learner driver needs to put in before achieving this state of footloose wonder.

4 tips for caring for your luxury vehicle

When you drive a luxury vehicle, it’s extremely important to ensure you get the best possible service for it, especially if it’s foreign made.

What custom supercar could you build with $1 million dollars?

What custom supercar could you build with $1 million dollars?

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common purchases a lottery winner makes after scooping a jackpot, after a new home, is a brand-new car.