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Different body styles of cars: Explained

15th October 2021 Print

There is a lot that goes into a car’s design; they’re far more complicated than people tend to think. If you’ve found yourself developing an interest in cars, then you’re probably wondering what different body styles are and what each style’s intended purpose is. There are 9 basic body styles as well as multiple outliers that don’t fit into a single category or style.

In this article, we are going to go over the different basic vehicle styles:


Sedans have four doors and medium-sized trunks. They come in a range of sizes, from subcompact to family-sized. They’re usually affordable, handle well, and are economical. They’re usually driven by families and first-time drivers. If you’re interested in buying a sedan for your first car, then make sure that you do your research when searching for a dealership around you, so that you can find a sedan that’s practical and suited to your needs. Once you find a dealership that stocks the manufacturer that you’re interested in, you can begin exploring model options.


A coupe can be defined as a two-door car with a trunk and solid roof. In recent years, however, car manufacturers have started calling four-door cars and crossovers with low rooflines, coupes. Coupes have larger front-rows than sedans do, which gives drivers and front-row passengers more room. This makes them suited to larger people. In addition, they have wider door frames which make the driver’s seat more accessible. Originally, coupes were marketed to younger buyers as they were seen as fashionable. Now, they’re popular among both young and old drivers.

Sports Cars

Sports cars don’t need much explanation. They are purchased primarily for their performance and looks. More often than not, they’re difficult to drive and not very economical. There’s not much that distinguishes sports cars from coupes, except for engine size.


Station Wagons

Station wagons are family cars, or at least they’re designed to be. These vehicles are made with large interiors, which makes them perfect for ferrying around the family or picking up the weekly shopping. In recent years, they have fallen out of favor with American car buyers, who favor SUVs instead. Very few are manufactured and sold in the United States anymore. With that said, they’re still quite popular in parts of Europe. If you need space but don’t have the money for an SUV, then they’re a good option.


A hatchback is a subcompact or compact sedan, with a rear hatch door instead of a traditional trunk. Hatchbacks have higher rooflines, which makes them great for transporting large objects, suitcases, and groceries. It also makes it much more comfortable for passengers, who have more headroom than they would in a sedan. Hatchbacks are extremely popular among younger people since they are fast, easy to drive and handle well.


Convertibles should not be confused with coupes, even though they are shaped very similarly. Coupes have hard roofs, while convertibles have roofs that retract into the trunk. They are fast, sporty, and visually appealing. If you live in a particularly cold country or state, then they’re not the most practical choice of car.


SUVs are large boxy cars that have very spacious cabins and high road positions. Up until recently, they were not very economical. Now, thanks to electric car brands, you can buy hybrid SUVs that don’t pollute the environment. SUVs are great for families or for people that travel around with a lot of luggage. Because of their size and status as luxury cars, SUVs can be very expensive and aren’t practical for first-time buyers. Originally, they were built for rugged terrain and countryside driving – now they’re driven in towns and cities across the United States.


Minivans have mostly taken over for station wagons because they are spacious, trendy, and very practical. They can be used for carrying people, luggage, groceries, and even heavy objects. Minivans typically have sliding side doors, which makes them very accessible. They also offer a lot of headroom.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are very practical cars for people who work outdoors, travel into the countryside and over rugged terrain, and who need to store large objects in the back of their car. Pickup trucks have open cargo beds in the rear. They usually offer all-wheel drive. You can find them in full-size and mid-size. Like with SUVs, some people now just drive them as luxury cars instead of using them for their intended purpose, which has driven up their price massively.

In addition to the body styles listed in this article, you can find hybrids and crossovers that combine features from the 9 basic styles. With this article, you should now hopefully be able to instantly name a car’s style and explain what its features are.

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