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3 things you can do if you’ve been hurt in a car mishap

27th June 2021 Print
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The cases of car accidents are on the rise in recent times. It is unfortunate but not unlikely that you or your loved ones may be involved in one despite your best efforts to remain safe. It is, therefore, best that you be aware of what to do in the unfortunate instance that it happens. The few moments after an accident are often full of confusion regarding what steps to take.

However, your reaction within those few moments is crucial. Due to the various causes of car accidents, you need to be able to line up your case correctly and present a solid case right from the beginning. Here are three things you can do if either you or your loved ones got involved and sustained injuries in a car mishap:

1. Inform the Relevant Authorities

The first thing you should do if involved in a car accident is to check if anyone was injured. It would be best if you call for emergency services in case anyone requires immediate medical attention. It would also be in everyone’s best interest to get medical checkups in case of any internal and non-visible injuries. Always call the police to report the accident even if no one was injured. Get the relevant information from the other driver, such as their vehicle registration and driver license information. It is also advisable to remain composed and avoid confrontations with the other party.

2. Make Sure to Document Everything

You should make sure you document and try to keep an accurate record of the incident. Please take pictures of the accident scene and try not to move the vehicle unless it is essential. Ensure you note the damage to your car, the surrounding area, and any physical injuries you may have sustained. It would help if you also were cautious not to admit fault or accept liability for the accident as it can be used against you by the other party and damage your insurance claim. You can also make a detailed report or video concerning how the accident occurred. Try to include as much information as you can. Even the slightest details can have great importance and may help solidify your claim.

3. Contact Your Personal Injury Lawyer and Insurance Company


You must contact your personal lawyer and inform your insurance company as soon as possible. The insurance companies can use any delays to deny your claim. It would also be best if you avoided any discussions with your insurance company without the presence of your lawyer. Contact your personal injury lawyer to discuss the facts and details about the accidents. A lawyer will also guide you through the intricate insurance claim process and ensure you get all the benefits you deserve. Time is a critical factor after an accident, and the sooner you go about this, the stronger your case will be.

Accidents can occur unexpectedly, even if you are doing all that is within your power to remain safe by following all the rules. Accidents can as a result of no fault of our own. However, once involved in a car accident, you should know what you should do to ensure total compensation.

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