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Ride in style and with comfort! 9 easy hacks for motorbike riders

23rd January 2020 Print

Bike riding is fun and a dream come true to many speed lovers. When you ride a bike, you feel like you’re free from the grasp of the world, and with the cool breeze hitting your face, nothing can be better. Moreover, its ignition and sleek body are the best to get the public bewildered and those ladies/gents glancing onto you.

Though it has its perks - and they’re not ordinary - riding a bike can have its consequences that you have to be ready for at all times. There can be dirt issues, pollution problems, climate calamities, fuel lessening, and many more that you could otherwise combat sitting in a car. You have to be mindful of the traffic and may have a difficult time staying in your lane. Fortunately, there are gadgets and hacks proven by motorbike specialists that are recognized to send to you down for a safe and clean bike ride, like some mentioned below.

Keep Warm

As mentioned above, riding a bike makes you vulnerable to many dangers of the climate. Perhaps you stepped out on your bike when the sun was out, which wasn’t that cold for you to ride. As the weather changes drastically at night, it can get colder for which you need more protection than just your biker jacket. For this reason, a proven tactic of many bikers is of backing up on newspapers and installing them under their coats. Even if you don’t have them stocked, you can just go to the nearest store and get some warm papers on you.

Add Tape to Visor Function as Sun Protection

Yes, a proper application of sunblock is essential to keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays. Your vision can still suffer! Beaming light of the sun can enter through your helmet and into your eyes. If you were to contact a sudden glare, the chances are that you get blinded by it and end up hitting another vehicle. To avoid a mishap from occurring and for the safety of your eyes, the hack is to paste tape on the visor of your helmet. It will serve as excellent protection from the flagrant sun.

Carry Soft Drinks to Help Your Bike Stay Stable

When you go on trips with your scrambler, a path may come up where there isn’t a well-built road for you to park your bike. As a consequence, you have to place it on mud or grass. The side stand of your motorcycle may leave the side of your bike and end up letting it drop tragically on the unstable ground. You can reuse the soft drink cans from your trip to make it stable. Just crush the can until it’s straightened to put under the side stand of your motorbike. This trick will prevent your extraordinary piece of a vehicle from falling and acquiring scratches. 

The Must-Have Multi-Tool

A bike comes with all the glitters and sparkles that let you shine on the road, but it doesn’t have anything to let you fix your bike once it decides to breakdown in the middle of the way. Luckily some companies deeply care for bikers and their safety and invest in tools that aid in quick fixes. Such a gadget is a multi-tool that has numerous wrenches and drivers that are needed to fix a few nuts. It is a tool that can be carried in the pocket or a backpack and is light on weight to have you from feeling discomfort while riding.

Get a Phone Holder

A mobile phone is a personal belonging to everyone. You have your favorite songs and pictures stored in it and use to connect to close people. With a phone holder, you can keep the screen of your device in front of you and be able to do everything on it. You can click here to find a mobile holder that lets you use Sat-nav or Google maps for easy directions. Not only that, but it also allows you to put on your jams and enjoy your ride even more. Also, access all your important calls and messages through a hands-free or Bluetooth attached with your device firmly placed on the holder.

Tire Repair Kit

The tires of a motorbike suffer immensely on a ride, and if you’re to perform some tricks with it, the poor rubber loops can experience something close to death. Tires get flat even if you don’t experiment with your ride, and it often can be when you’re riding off-road in the middle of nowhere. To prevent yourself from getting stranded in a deserted place, you can invest in a proficient tire repair kit. It includes everything that you can need when your tires become flat from air canisters to several other tools that help them run again.


No driver can be without GPS these days to make traveling to new destinations easier. And now, even bikers can have this facility to use a GPS without using their hands. There are GPSs explicitly designed for motorbikes and riders to be able to easily view it and drive safely. It has the functionality of being visible even in daylight. Make sure that the one you buy has a battery life that can last your entire trip on the scrambler.

Tank Bag

Who says that you can’t place your belongings on a motorcycle for going on a trip or a delivery? With a tank bag, you can do just that! Invest in a container that is easily fixed onto your bike and one that is big enough to hold plenty of materials that are necessary for a ride. See that your bike bag allows you to implement safety on it so that no one will be able to put their hands inside while you have your back on it. A sack such as this may also be converted into a backpack if it meets the requirements. An excellent place to store your helmet when you leave the bike than having it dangerously hung from the handle.

Spend on a Cover

This may be the most vital gadget to have on you in order to keep your ride in top condition. The chances are that you just got your bike in a spick and span condition for a new trip, but a car comes in splashing muddy water, a bird gets a call from nature, or the weather doesn’t show kindness to your parked vehicle. Your scrambler will be left in a state that may be a source of embarrassment for you and more work. To prevent a mishap like such from happening, get a cover for your bike and have it shielded the minute you get off to protect it from all kinds of dirt and moisture.