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Practical reasons why you need to install a motorcycle windshield

6th June 2021 Print

Those who are passionate about motorbikes know how fascinating these vehicles can be, starting from their superb engines that each of these machines comes with, to their outstanding appearance.

But is it enough? To some it is, but you will always find riders that are looking for more. One of those things is a windshield, and unfortunately, not all motorcycles are packed with it. How come?

Maybe because not all manufacturers think that it is necessary, even though it can be a really important part of these bikes. If you want to know more about them and how useful they are, scroll below to see!

Why Motorcycle Windshield Is A Must?

Enhanced Comfort

Who doesn’t like to feel comfortable at every single moment? If you opt for a windshield, you will quickly realize how it has provided you with so much comfort while you are driving your favorite motorcycle.

If you are generally confused by its purpose, just pay attention to its name. It says everything. It is here to serve you against the wind that is constantly in your face. It can be quite disturbing and may negatively affect your whole riding experience, however, a proper motorcycle windshield is going to prevent it. 

Protection From Debris

When you are on the road, there aren’t too many things that can impact your ride, however, those that can potentially disturb you can be very persistent and bothersome. One of them is debris.

This especially can happen during the night because everything is drawn to your headlights and instead of hitting in the windshield (that you decided not to have) it is highly likely they are going to smack you in the teeth or face.

Something like this can never happen while you are driving a car. Therefore, if you consider having Motorcycle Screens or windshields you are going to feel much safer from anything that comes along the way. Besides debris, you will be safe from bugs, rocks, dirt, and many other awful things.

These Reasons Are Worth Considering As Well!

Wind Protection

Above we talked about the visible enemies on the road, but besides them, there are those that are quite invisible and one of them is the wind. Besides, just take a look at the name of this item, it clearly highlights how it protects drivers from it.

Namely, these windshields are developed to scatter the oncoming wind that is “attacking” both you and your motorcycle. Motorcycle windshields that come with a lip at the top are able to push the wind up and even over the head of the driver.

Of course, it all depends on the height of the rider and his or her windshield. Furthermore, this item is going to push the wind around both sides of the driver, decreasing the force against the shoulders and chest. 

Oftentimes, things like deflecting the wind can lead to various problems, such as wind blowing up from beneath, or buffeting the helmet. Moreover, windshields for touring usually have a tiny opening below that enables the wind to flow through, but just enough to counterbalance the pressure behind the touring windshield and decrease buffeting. 

VIz, these types of windshields feature adaptable extensions which can easily be raised when you are driving faster. The difference in speed is going to impact the way air flows of these windshields.

On cruisers that consist of aftermarket, huge windshields, riders think it’s essential to add some extensions on both sides of the forks. Why is that? Well, it’s because it is going to stop air from going under the windshield and goes directly into your chest area and legs. 

It’s Not Pricey

Nowadays, there are so many things that you can add to your vehicle that are going to boost your whole riding experience and enjoyment, as well as to positively affect the versatility and performance of your motorcycle.

For sure, one of them is precisely a motorcycle windshield. You can perceive it as a solid, long-term investment that luckily isn’t expensive at all unlike many other things that are necessary for your bike.

Even if you opt for the ones that are seen as high-end, you are still not going to waste a lot of money on them. Generally speaking, it is truly a small investment in comparison to engines, exhaust systems, suspension upgrades, etc. 

Another thing that’s definitely worth mentioning is the fact that these windshields are so affordable, that you can easily purchase two different styles and sizes if you are yearning to boost the potential of your vehicle.

Flexible Alternatives

Even though these windshields are always a smart option, there might be days when you decide that you simply do not want to wear them and that’s completely okay. Luckily, that’s an item that isn’t necessarily permanent which means that you can remove it anytime you want to.

A lot of mods that your motorbike can undergo are difficult to undo, however, this definitely isn’t one of them/ Even if you have permanent options, you can easily take it down if you wish to have a ride without it.

Another great thing about it is that it comes in various sizes, meaning if you want something bigger, you can fit it without any issues and if you are yearning to try out a new style, you can do that as well!

Protect You From Heat And Cold

When it’s cold outside and you get a feeling like your face is completely frozen, a windshield is going to decrease the impact of windchill drastically. For instance, if outside is 40F and you are riding about fifty miles per hour, you are going to feel like it’s 25F.

Of course, it would definitely be smart to bring a jacket and other layers as well but bear in mind that a motorcycle windshield is going to significantly decrease the effects of windchill. The same situation is when the outside is too dry and hot. Namely, in this case, the windshield is going to reduce the brutal heat blasting that you may experience and you'll be able to normally function.


Most bikers are already familiar with the benefits that a motorcycle windshield offers, however, if you are relatively new to this, it would be advisable to carefully go through this article and see how it can positively affect your rides.

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