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What you should know when buying a used Harley

26th December 2020 Print

Motorcycle buyers must review vital details about Harley Davidson motorcycles when choosing the best model for them. If they do not have the means to purchase a brand-new bike, the buyer can consider a used motorcycle and find a better deal. They must start their search by finding a model that meets all their expectations in terms of design and aesthetics. The buyers review vital elements of the motorcycle itself and ensure that it is in proper working order and presents them with a great investment. When reviewing the motorcycle, the buyer must ensure that it doesn't have any existing problems that depreciate the value.

Avoid Excessively High Mileage

High mileage motorcycles may provide the new owner with a lower selling price and a reliable motorcycle. However, it is important to determine if the motorcycle was maintained properly. Too often, owners will accumulate miles on the bikes and fail to complete standard maintenance services for the bike. A complete assessment determines if the motorcycle was managed properly. Buyers who are looking for a Harley Davidson start by assessing used models now.

Does the Bike Have a Clear Record?

A clear record for the motorcycle indicates that the previous owners were not involved in an accident. If the motorcycles were repaired properly, the motorcycle provides a better choice for buyers. They can review all the records for the motorcycle and determine if the previous owner took the motorcycle to a licensed body shop for proper repairs. If the previous owner tried to fix it themselves, the repairs may be inferior and may lead to serious mechanical problems or cosmetic defects.

Inspecting All Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts must be inspected to determine if there are signs of wear or tear, and the buyer will want to know what parts have been replaced over time. Testing and inspecting the mechanical parts shows the buyer if the motorcycle has any existing problems that increase the cost of the motorcycle. They want a motorcycle that runs properly and won't break down on the side of the road. They can perform diagnostic tests to find the resource of any mechanical failures.

Test All the Signals

Testing the signals shows whether they are in proper working order or if the signals require repairs. They test the turn signals, hazard lights, and other controls on the motorcycle. If these components aren't working properly, the buyer will need to replace or repair them upon purchasing the motorcycle. When buying from a dealership, the buyer won't have to worry about these issues, and the dealership with perform these tests for them.

When buying a certified used Harley, the buyer won't have to worry about major problems. Most dealerships provide a limited warranty for the used motorcycles, and the buyer can return it if the motorcycle doesn't perform as expected.

Is White Smoke Coming from the Exhaust?

White smoke coming from the exhaust is an indication that there is too much oil in the engine or that the engine is failing. The buyer will want to review the exhaust and start up the motorcycle to determine if it is running properly.

If the motorcycle continues to emit white smoke from the engine after the initial startup, it is not a great choice for the buyer, and they will need to consider a different motorcycle. If they purchase the motorcycle from a dealership, the dealership will evaluate problems such as this perform placing the bike on the lot.

Review the Model for Any Product Recalls

Some Harley models were involved in a product recall, and it is necessary for the buyer to determine if the bike was involved in a recall before they purchase it. Any recalled products must be replaced by the dealership if it is sold through a dealership.

If the buyers want to ensure higher quality, they can assess the bike and determine if the recalled parts were replaced by the previous owner. Most dealerships pay close attention to details and ensure that all motorcycles sold by the dealership are safe for buyers.

Check the Kelley Blue Book Value

Reviewing the Kelley Blue Book value of the motorcycle helps the buyer find the most appropriate price for the motorcycle. Dealership prices are listed in the book and present buyers with a better guide for buying a motorcycle. When reviewing the information, it is important for the buyer to consider the prices according to vital details.

The price of the motorcycle is based on the condition of the bike, the mileage, how well it works, and the model. Some elements present depreciation of value if the condition of the bike is not great or if the previous owner didn't maintain the bike appropriately.

Review the Body for Signs of Rust

Visible signs of rust require the owner to replace the damaged parts, and the value of the motorcycle is lower if there is corrosion on the bike. Milky film on top of the paint is an indication that the owner painted over rust in an attempt to hide it.

Rust and corrosion on vital parts can lead to system failures, and the motorcycle may fall to operate at inopportune times. The gas tank is the main component to review when looking for possible corrosion and rust. The buyer must avoid motorcycles with a milky film on the paint job, and they can purchase a better motorcycle that will not fail.

Motorcycle buyers want high-quality Harley Davidson motorcycles that meet all their expectations. When purchasing a used motorcycle, the buyer must complete several assessments to avoid buying a faulty motorcycle that will fail to operate in a short amount of time. They start with an assessment of the body and determine if there are any obvious signs of imperfections. Next, they assess the mechanical parts and ensure that the bike runs properly. Each of the assessments prevents the buyer from buying the wrong bike and the wrong price. A dealership may provide them with the best choices when it comes to certified and pre-owned Harley Davidson's.