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Five things to consider when renovating a van

19th November 2021 Print

Turning a van into a motorhome or campervan is becoming a real trend right now. Many people are finding that this project can be much cheaper and more exciting than purchasing an outright campervan. And you don’t need extensive experience or a wide array of tools either. Below, we look at the main considerations when renovating a van.


One of the first things to consider is where you’ll keep the van while you work on it. Renovating the van requires plenty of space to tend to each aspect of your conversion. You’ll need space for a jack to get underneath the van, as well as space to easily get around the circumference of the vehicle. Make sure you plan ahead and have a spacious area to work on the project.


When you have your workspace sorted you should consider your budget. This needs to cover the initial outlay on the van, materials you’ll be using, accessories you’re adding and extras like new tyres. With this in mind, you should always overbudget and prepare yourself for additional costs. This will ensure that you don’t run out of money and can remain realistic. 


You’ll also need to work out what facilities you’ll require in your van. If you’re living in it for long stretches of time, you’ll need to consider the essentials you need day-to-day. Generators can bring you electricity if you want a comprehensive campervan, but there are less expensive essentials too. You’ll need to set up a sleeping area, complete with comfortable bedding. Plus, a kitchen will be necessary if you’re spending plenty of time in your renovated van.


Once you’ve identified your budget and the facilities you require, it’s time to plan the layout. Calculate where you want to place your bed and kitchen, then the rest of the layout can adjust to it. Ideally, you’ll want to find space in your layout for storage, a relaxation area and a pop-up desk if you need to get any work done. 


There’s one final step once you’ve finished renovating the van – you need to ensure that it’s roadworthy. The key to this is to check to see if the van has passed its MOT, and check if it’s been serviced recently. Plus, you’ll need dedicated modified van insurance to legally be used on the road, and to give you peace of mind if there’s an accident. 

Renovating a van can be a thrilling project. Of course, you’ll need to carefully budget and plan, but after that you’ll be all set to build your campervan – at a low price and with all the essentials you could want.