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Tesla, Mercedes and BMW are Now Exploring In-Car Gaming

13th June 2024 Print

Numerous car brands, including Mercedes, BMW and Tesla are exploring the concept of adding in-car gaming features to their vehicles. The iDrive 9 from BMW uses Android software, and those who opt for the Premium package will be given the option to download a range of games and apps from the ConnectedDrive store. For the first time, the company is looking into offering games, which can be played when the car is stationary. Screens are also getting bigger too, with the BMW i7 having a 31” drop-down display.

In-Car Gaming is Becoming the Norm

Gaming on the go is becoming more popular, as people with busy lives find that it is the only way they can keep up with their favourite titles. More people are also playing mobile games and casino games, in particular, as they allow you to resume your game from anywhere and the only thing you need is a stable internet connection. With promotions such as Betfair free pinball, which offers spins and casino bonuses, along with the rapid adoption of cloud gaming, it’s not surprising to see a boom in smaller games.

Recent advancements have helped to inspire car manufacturers, with companies such as Mercedes-Benz expanding and offering new in-car gaming collaborations. They have recently teamed up with EA and Tencent with the game series Need for Speed said to be available at the end of 2024. The games can be played when the car is stationary and it’s rumoured that players will have the option of using a Bluetooth gaming controller. 100 billion copies of the game have been sold across the world and as of right now, 20 versions are available. The game is a huge franchise, and the fact that it’s being implemented in cars is a major win for racing fans across the world.

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ChatGPT and Car Technology

It’s not just gaming that is coming to cars either. BMW have recently collaborated with Amazon to create their own Intelligent Personal Assistant. This is going to use the Alexa Language Model but with the functionality of ChatGPT. AI models are currently being developed with the aim of having them understand complex human language. When a question is asked, a response can be generated within a matter of seconds, in an attempt to provide people with a hands-free experience when out on the road. Even though this has yet to be finalised and there’s still a lot of work to be done, the experience could help drivers in more ways than one.

With so many upgrades happening over recent years, it’s safe to say that the automobile industry is now more exciting than ever, and the advent of new technology is helping to propel new and interesting ideas. The concept of gaming and cars has been touched on before but not at this level. With the current advancements in AI, combined with the rising interest in gaming, this is said to be a profitable move for both companies and although it might not have been expected, it certainly makes sense. 

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