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How to upgrade your look on a high street budget

17th December 2018 Print

Besides your wardrobe, it always seems like there’s something else demanding your money. New tech, travel, and especially all the events we want to attend and the priceless, but pricey gifts we want to buy for our friends and family. 

This can make upgrading our wardrobe on a budget challenging, but certainly not impossible. Here are a few tips that will make shopping for yourself, more often, much easier.

The classic look

Some styles just never go out of fashion. Grey sweaters, stonewash jeans, black hoodies, white tees and shirts – these are timeless pieces that will always stand out. Ideal for both casual and night-time wear, these items will let you mix and match throughout every day.

These pieces of attire are also versatile enough to wear effectively with every pair of jeans that you own. Therefore, add these iconic items to your wardrobe and mix them up with your coats and jackets. Even your favourite pairs of tight-fit joggers will look great with these classic items, and you’ll find plenty of well-dressed men already sporting this striking modern look.


Another easy – and very cheap – way to get the most out of your wardrobe is to buy a few hats. A simple beanie, slouchie or cap will only cost you a few pounds, and immediately change your appearance by creating a solid brow-line on your forehead. 

Choose colours that complement your favourite statement jumpers, jackets, or even footwear, or go for something bold that contrasts with your normal style. In fact, why not do both? During the winter months, scarves and gloves will have the same impact – but, if you fancy getting more adventurous with your accessories, check out The Trend Spotter’s hat styles guide.

Make a statement

With a combination of bold classics and versatile accessories in place, you’ll now have the budget to treat yourself to the occasional statement item. This doesn’t mean spending a ridiculous amount of money on one item – unless you really want to? With a little bit of budgeting, you’ll now be able to afford several key pieces with which you can upgrade your wardrobe.

Choose whether you want to subtly integrate a notable brand into your look, or whether you’d like it to stand out and make a statement all on its own. You’ll find stores like SEEK Attire stocking some of the most stylish, contemporary brands around, and offering excellent discounts on your first order.

Sniff out the sales

This brings us to a wallet-friendly way to really upgrade your wardrobe. Look for similar discounts, and consider buying some classic items – which will still be in style next year – from a sales rack. 

Black Friday, Boxing Day and seasonal clearance sales are always great to look out for. Register with your favourite retailers, brands and stockists, and keep up to date with their offers. However, don’t forget the particular look that you seek. Even if you do find a few bargains, you won’t be satisfied until you get the style that you desire. Happy shopping!