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New Chill Artists for Your Work-from-Home Listening

22nd February 2024 Print

Remote work can be a wonderful thing! You don’t need to commute and deal with traffic or overcrowded public transit. Since this saves valuable time in the morning, you can use it to sleep or even go for a morning walk or read a little.

Even better, you have full control over what music you listen to while you get your work done! Try playing tunes in an office and see how that goes over. However, some music is better for listening to during work than others.

Let’s check out some of the chill artists whose music is conducive to working from home.

Lila Drew

Lila Drew may be in her early 20s, but she’s already been writing songs for years. After touring Europe a couple of years ago, she launched her first full-length EP, All the Places I Could Be, to great success.

Her sonic soundscape belongs on any good vibe music playlist, as there are up-tempo pop bangers that heave and swell. This makes it perfect for listening to during work, as you can have it on in the background and enjoy the general atmosphere it provides.

If you do want to listen to Drew more actively, you’ll be rewarded with raw, sensitive lyrics that are at once fun and deep.


Swiims is an indie rock trio from Toronto you don’t want to miss out on. Their sound can be described as dream pop, perhaps with a bit of surf rock.

Lead singer Mai Diaz sings her poetic lyrics with a super sultry, alluring voice that floats perfectly atop the steady but popping rhythmic foundation created by bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh. When you add Colin Thompson’s jaunty yet controlled guitar lines in the mix, it creates a fun, pleasant, irresistible atmosphere.

If you’re trying to concentrate, instrumental music is appealing because there are no lyrics to distract you or pull your focus away from your work. Diaz’s singing in Swiims feels like it’s another instrument; it has that type of effect. Their 2023 release “Into the Blue Night” is the perfect backdrop for work, though you can also crank it and enjoy up after 5 pm, too.

Men I Trust 

This Montreal trio comprising of vocals, guitar (Jessy Caron also plays bass, too), and keys is a darling of the indie scene, and there’s a reason their shows across North America sell out quickly. There’s a quiet, hypnotic feel to their music in their structured, layered songs that is very compelling.

There’s a catch in their groove that just hits right. The bass pushes the songs forward with a tripped-up movement, a little artful hiccup that somehow keeps things chugging along but with a little bounce. You’re sure to nod your head, tap your foot, and get lost in reverie — later, you’ll come to and realize your tasks are complete and the workday is over.  

Listening to music during work is a great way to sharpen your focus and add pleasure while doing your job. Not all music is suitable for remote work, but try the above bands and see if they can get the job done for you.

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