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Hot Retro Trends Amongst the Tech Generation

24th November 2019 Print
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The youngsters of today often get a bad rap form the older generations. The fact that they have access to the latest gadgets and technology often gets them labelled as spoilt or privileged but ignores many of the other challenges they face in society today. For example, the average age of the home buyer in the 1960s was 23, now it is over 30. Having access to the internet or owning a smartphone offers little consolation to those struggling to get on the property ladder.

To emphasise further how technology is no barometer for the quality of life, many youngsters are now turning back the clock and going retro. Even adopting some earlier technology enjoyed by their 1960s counterparts such as vinyl records.

First vinyl, now cassettes

The vinyl revival has been building momentum for some time. More and more young people are now consuming digital music on the go but switching to the warm sound of analogue vinyl records in the comfort of their own space. As a result of the vinyl revival, the cost of records is creeping back down meaning they are becoming more affordable.

In addition to vinyl, many record companies are now releasing albums on cassette. While not as popular as vinyl, cassette tape provide a real hit of 80s nostalgia that appeals to the trends of many young music fans.

Retro gaming

The first games consoles appeared in the 1970s before their popularity exploded in the 1980s. Retro gaming has become very popular amongst millennials with games from consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Megadrive now available on emulators and special release consoles from the big manufacturers.

Even real money online casino players, as reviewed by, are switching to versions of the game which feature live dealers as you would find in old-school establishment. Having the ability to interact with a real person during gameplay without having to visit a physical casino brings the best of both worlds together.

Also making a comeback are board games with many cafes and bars in big cities like London now specializing in offering a range of board games to retro players. Some bars have hundreds of games available to play with friends while enjoying a craft beer or a glass of wine or two. Some even serve cocktails that are named after popular board games. Many of these sites also combine board gaming with retro console gaming.

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Retro fashion

To complete the retro lifestyle, many young people are looking to 70s and 80s for fashion inspiration. As a result, tight jeans, high waistlines, crop tops, clogs and a whole host of other retro fashion styles have made a comeback. To complete the look, 80s make-up and hairstyles have also been revived. 

These are just a few examples of how today's younger generations are embracing the past in a world dominated by fast-moving technology.

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