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Home entertainment growing move to online

Home entertainment growing move to online

As a whole, all forms of entertainment are moving increasingly online as accessibility and diversity in what’s on offer becomes key for these services to succeed

How do the rich rest: Are their sleep cycles the secret to success?

Be honest: how much sleep do you get? We all know that sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle, allowing your body and mind to recharge. This is essential for your working life, ensuring that you’re always on top form when you clock in. But should we look towards our favourite celebrities’ sleep schedules to find the secret to success?

How to organize a concert in 5 easy steps

How to organize a concert in 5 easy steps

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a major draught of offline events worldwide. People miss social gatherings of all kinds, and as we’re getting closer to summer, that feeling is ever more present.

2 iconic t-shirts that changed rock-n-roll forever

2 iconic t-shirts that changed rock-n-roll forever

Rock-n-roll has never just been about the music; rock-n-roll is a lifestyle. A band t-shirt says a lot about your personality and interests.

Top 5 post-lockdown nights out in London

The pandemic has meant that the last year has been a strange time for everyone. Lockdown has prevented us from going to our favourite places and doing the things we love. Fortunately, we can now see a faint light at the end of the long coronavirus tunnel.

Famous athletes who like to bet on sports

Online gambling, sports betting in particular, has flourished as an industry all around the planet over the last couple of years. The activity attracts different kinds of people, from a guy next door who likes to throw a few bucks every now and then to passionate punters who make their living out of the pastime.

Lil Nas’s Roblox debut pushes in-game concerts forward

Unless you were lucky enough to get out and see a few shows during the first two or three months of 2020, it’s unlikely you’ve been able to attend a concert this year.

Anton Mauve and Van Gogh: The Master and His Pupil

Anton Mauve and Van Gogh: The Master and His Pupil

Vincent van Gogh is widely considered one of the greatest masters of his craft even more than a century after his death. However, what many of Van Gogh’s fans may not know is that the artist had a tutor of his own.

International football superstars and their luxurious supercars

When you’re a world-famous footballer earning millions of pounds each year, aside from the fancy clothes and expansive homes, many of them love nothing more than getting behind the wheel of a snazzy sports car.

Hot Retro Trends Amongst the Tech Generation

Hot Retro Trends Amongst the Tech Generation

The youngsters of today often get a bad rap form the older generations. The fact that they have access to the latest gadgets and technology often gets them labelled as spoilt or privileged but ignores many of the other challenges they face in society today.

How bars, pubs, and restaurants are adapting to stay on trend

According to several studies, more and more people are electing to stay in rather than going out. For example, where there were 60,800 pubs across the UK in the year 2000, by 2017, this number had dropped to 48,350.

Incorporating a sprinkle of Disney magic into your everyday life

The Disney hype is bigger than ever in 2019. With new films being released and peoples’ love of the classics never wavering, Disney is a big part of our lives and it isn’t going anywhere!

How to live like a celebrity on a normal wage

We’re living in a world where the lifestyles of the rich and famous are close enough to almost touch. Thanks to the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, we’re able to glimpse into how the stars live in the celebrity world unlike ever before.

A look at some of Britain's popular hobbies

Hobbies are a way to escape the real world and have some time away from the stressors of everyday life. From work to University, we all need a hobby to keep us busy in our spare time and have something to relish and look forward to.

Celebrities who love playing bingo

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or how much money you’ve got, bingo has the ability to capture your imagination.