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The funniest and most entertaining news stories from 2021

29th January 2022 Print

2022 is already here, but if you’re feeling nostalgic about 2021, why not do it with one last look back at some of the funniest and most entertaining news pieces of the year. We’ve made a summary of our favourite stories that were probably the most popular, amusing, or inspiring. If one of your New Years’ resolutions is to try and keep more up to date with current events, you can also take advantage of a discount when you use these telegraph subscription offers

Reports involving animals are often some of the funniest, and sometimes heartwarming stories we see on the news, and 2021 is no exception. Here are some of the top highlights from the animal world:

- An alpaca was spotted in the backseat of a car on a Friday afternoon in October. Passers-by and local residents were both shocked and amused to see this passenger relaxing with its head out the window!

- The RSPCA has made some pretty amazing rescues in 2021, many of which caught the attention of the media and include a horse stuck halfway over a gate in Rochester, Kent, a pair of badgers getting caught in a ladder in Torfaen, South Wales, and several squirrels getting trapped inside bird feeders across the country.

- A pet pig named Blanket made an unusual visit to see his owner in a care home in West Sussex, surprising many of the residents!

- The life of a Dachshund wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Hyde Park for the annual sausage dog walk. This year, the news covered many adorable pictures of the popular fancy dress event with funny costumes including snowmen, reindeer ears, and turkey legs all of which are guaranteed to make you smile!

In other news, hotel chain Travelodge published some rather odd comments from customers. Guests had the last laugh with some surprising requests including afternoon tea with pandas, a children’s paddling pool for some pet fish, and getting a shooting star to appear at 10 pm, as well as answers to some British traditions and curiosities like where does the Welsh Rarebit live! 

A particularly bizarre story featured in the news last year involved a man on a mission to collect a chip from every single Wetherspoons in the UK. After posting his collection so far on social media, the story went viral and then hit the news. It’s unclear why Boris Bennett has chosen this odd challenge, but he keeps each chip in a labeled pouch, in a type of trading cards collection book. Readers were definitely amused and also very supportive of his pledge to visit each of the 925 pubs across the country. 

As well as all the negativity in the news, if you look carefully there are also lots of happy, heartwarming, and good news stories to cheer you up. This past year has included the following inspirational stories:

- Footballer Michael Rashford was named ‘hero of the year’ after his successful school meals campaign in the fight to end food poverty for children in England. 

- A young boy from Scotland send over 600 individual thank you cards to NHS workers after becoming alarmed at the pandemic statistics. 

- It was also reported that the most popular British postman was rewarded for his hard work when he received over £2,000 in tips from local residents to help him pay for his wedding!

- A lonely grandmother from Leeds was filled with Christmas cheer when a Facebook campaign helped hundreds of people to send her Christmas cards. 

Hopefully, these stories can help you forget the doom and gloom of more negative aspects of 2021 and give you some hope for the new year. If you’re interested in finding more good news stories, check out this selection of articles from the Huffington Post online.