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Home entertainment growing move to online

19th July 2021 Print

As a whole, all forms of entertainment are moving increasingly online as accessibility and diversity in what’s on offer becomes key for these services to succeed, the past eighteen months have also led to many different services really having to be creative in order to offer something new or something unique to help bring new users in too and it has helped home entertainment as a whole to grow and become more diverse – but where are the biggest options found, and where are the big changes coming too?

Movies and streaming – Topping out the list is the most obvious choice of the bunch, but by far also one that has seen the most change recently. When Netflix was released, it really did change the game for movie streaming and for online content as a whole, so it’s no surprise that other big services launching found success too as Disney+ announced it managed to reach over 100 million subscribers in just sixteen months, something that took Netflix years to do. The back end of 2020 saw the announcement of a partnership between HBO Max and Warner Bros studio, however, to see some huge box office releases come directly to streaming platforms. Moving away from the cinema and into home entertainment instead, if other studios are to follow it could lead to a huge change in big movie releases in the future too.

Gaming at home is on the way up – It also comes as no surprise that gaming has found a huge success and one of the most popular forms of entertainment at home, changing audiences and demographics particularly through online betting on sites like with changing legislation changing gaming at home too – figures are already starting to be release showing just how quickly the gaming market has grown over the past eighteen months and which services are the most popular too, particularly amongst the biggest mobile categories that have found a huge change in demographic and audience. The other big growth for gaming has come from esports too as the biggest tournaments are catching hundreds of millions of viewers, often times being much bigger than even traditional sporting events now largely in part to live streaming options on platforms like Twitch – with games like NBA2K and FIFA also growing in viewership, it has done a lot of work to help bridge the gap between the two audiences and bring those who may not have been otherwise interested in esports to find a new passion in the virtual. 

With the possible future being set in working from home for many too, the successes found over this past year for all forms of home entertainment will only grow, and lead to more innovation and change to the big services that have since become household names. 

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