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Is it possible to make a medical negligence claim abroad?

Is it possible to make a medical negligence claim abroad?

When you have an accident or become ill and you don’t receive adequate medical care, it can be distressing, especially if it happens when you’re on holiday. In this article, we’re answering the question, ‘is it possible to make a medical negligence claim abroad?

Two in five travel insurance policies won’t protect holidaymakers from Flybmi failure

With the collapse of Flybmi over the weekend, independent financial information business Defaqto warns that over two-fifths of travel insurance policies offer no protection for airline failure leaving holidaymakers exposed.

Brits Abroad: an insight to injuries and insurance

The ABTA Holiday Habits report 2017 stated that the number of people travelling abroad on holiday increased from 55% to a high of 57%.

Travel insurance provider cuts cancer rates

AllClear has become the first travel insurance provider to cut its premiums for those diagnosed with major cancers; including bowel cancer and lymphoma.

Relying on an EHIC to cover your winter holiday mishaps could leave you with a mountain of medical bills

Thousands of British skiers and snowboarders are heading to Europe this winter to get their annual fix of downhill thrills.

A Complete Insurance Guide for The Prepared Traveller

A Complete Insurance Guide for The Prepared Traveller

“I’m only travelling for a few days, what is the worst that can happen?” “I haven’t fallen ill in the past few years, I don’t see what will change in the next few weeks.”

Over 50s on staycation risk being left out of pocket

Research by Saga Travel Insurance has revealed that 350,000 over 50s have travelled without insurance in the last 5 years.

The pain in Spain comes mainly from the claims

New analysis from Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals that of the 600,000 plus travel insurance claims made by British holidaymakers last year, almost a quarter (150,000) were claims for holidays in Spain.

1 in 5 UK holidaymakers have needed medical treatment abroad

Over 1 in 5 (22%) UK holidaymakers have needed to seek medical treatment whilst abroad, new research from travel insurance has found.

1.8 million travelling Brits put insurance at risk by not declaring medical conditions

One in 10 (12 per cent) Brits with a pre-existing medical condition are running the risk of invalidating their travel insurance policy by not declaring it, according to new insight from MoneySuperMarket.

New generation of travellers demand digital insurance services

International travel insurance provider, Allianz Global Assistance UK, is changing traditional insurance practices to ensure a simple ‘right first time’ claim submission and speedy payment.

Millions are missing out on valuable cover by arranging their travel policies at the last minute

As summer holiday season approaches, experts from travel insurance are warning holidaymakers not to leave arranging their travel insurance to the last minute or risk losing their holiday costs if they have to cancel their trip.

Five ways to ensure a successful travel insurance claim

Ahead of the summer get-away, Travel Insurance is advising travellers to make sure they have the right cover for their holiday, or risk being left out of pocket if they need to make a claim.

British travellers left exposed by lack of awareness of the cost of belongings

British travellers are underestimating the value of their holiday belongings, leaving a significant number of insurance policies invalid.

Half of British holidaymakers expect too much of the EHIC

According to research from travel insurance, half (50%) of UK adults who’ve travelled abroad wrongly believe that an EHIC entitles them to free emergency medical care anywhere in Europe and a further 5% believe that entitlement extends to the anywhere in the World.