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Income Protection

Income Protection: Know What You Are Paying For

Most Australians are likely to have insurance that protects things such as their cars, homes, or health, but there is one crucial asset that can sometimes slip under the radar: income. Everyone is susceptible to uncertainty in their lives, which is why we can never be too safe.

The mistake of not looking into critical illness insurance until it’s too late

It seems like there’s always one extra thing to think about with regards to your job and future financial security in today’s world, and no matter how hard you might try to cover all your bases, something will always slip past.

Unprotected self-employed more at risk of financial crisis

Nearly two million self-employed people in the UK are unable to save any money each month leaving them vulnerable to financial shocks, according to new research by leading insurer, LV=.

Majority of consumers underestimate the percentage of protection claims paid

Every year protection providers publish claims data to explain the number of claims they have paid out to customers.

Six million mums in UK financially vulnerable

Amidst the cards, flowers and chocolates, financial security may be the last thing on people’s minds this Mother’s Day.

Women can’t rely on their employer to provide financial safety net

Nearly half (48%) of working women in the UK don’t have any form of protection policy in place according to the findings of Aegon’s ‘Protection Matters’ report.

The rise of the female breadwinner

There are currently 14.53 million women in work in the UK, the joint highest level since records began in 1971.

UK households in danger of financial struggle due to lack of preparation for the unexpected

Despite one in five (21%) people admitting their household would not be financially secure for any length of time if it lost its main income through unexpected circumstances, many Brits continue to bury their head in the sand when it comes to having a financial backup plan.

Less than a third of British workers have a financial back up plan

According to new research from Aegon, just 29% of British workers currently have a financial safety net in place if they were unable to work.

Half of households would struggle to meet everyday costs on one income

Half of households would struggle to make ends meet is if they lost their main income according to new research by AA Life Insurance.

Households left financially vulnerable as growing numbers are forced to rent

Millions of families could be putting their financial futures at risk as the number living in rented accommodation grows.

Only a quarter of families with children under 16 have any financial protection

Only a quarter (24%) of adults in the UK with children under 16 have any form of financial protection, a significant drop from 31% in 2013, according to the latest research from the Scottish Widows Protection Report.

Almost two thirds of Brits do not protect their loved ones

Only a tenth (11%) of people think having life protection is a top priority when buying a new home, according to research from TSB.

British men twice as likely to ignore serious health symptoms as women

British men twice as likely to ignore serious health symptoms as women

British men are almost twice as likely as women to avoid seeking medical help when experiencing a serious health symptom.

LV= launches income protection product for harder to insure clients

Protection specialist LV= has launched a new underwritten income protection product, ‘Personal Sick Pay’.