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Navigating the Insurance Maze: A Small Business Owner's Guide

There are few things in life that could possibly represent a more exciting step, than starting out in business for yourself. However, it is also a venture that can come with a lot of “red tape” and administrative matters to deal with… and then, there are certain things that go beyond mere “red tape”, playing a key role in protecting you in business.

List reasons why trade insurance is essential for your business

List reasons why trade insurance is essential for your business

The right trade insurance policy in place is essential for any business, regardless of size or scope. Investing in a suitable policy can protect your finances and assets against a wide range of risks, including property damage, liability claims and more.

How to choose the perfect level of coverage for your business

Choosing an insurance plan for your business is no easy task. On the one hand, you want to make sure that your business is safeguarded from any liability so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

The top 5 reasons to ensure that your business is properly insured

The UK is home to approximately 5.7 million small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike large firms, SMEs are unlikely to have the resources to recover from damaging weather or unforeseen events.

5 things taxi insurance will do for you

In the UK, taxi insurance is compulsory for taxi and private hire vehicles. You can’t operate the two with the standard car insurance policy, as it is among the key requirements you need to fulfil when applying for a licence.

1.3 million Brits dream of starting their own business in the next year

Over 1.3 million Brits dream of starting their own business in the next twelve months, according to analysis from Direct Line for Business. Interestingly, the type of businesses we’d like to start shows more people are choosing to follow their hearts and launch bakeries, cafés and craft shops.

Enterprising nation: One in 30 Britons a microbusiness owner?

New analysis from Direct Line for Business reveals there are 2.17 million microbusinesses with fewer than nine employees across the UK.

Why is it important to insure your farming equipment?

It is extremely important to ensure your farming equipment is fully insured as you are essentially insuring your entire livelihood.

Aviva creates guide to help business understand cost of underinsurance

Aviva has launched a guide to help businesses understand the cost implications of not having the right amount of insurance and explain some of the times in the life of a business when the insurance needs might have changed and need reviewing.

British SMEs thriving and growing

British SMEs are thriving with business owners reporting that profits are up in the past year and the outlook is positive. SMEs interviewed in the research included sole traders and companies employing up to 250 people.

Home is where the business is

More than eight out of 10 (84%) of the UK’s smallest businesses now use their home as a place of work, according to new research from Lloyds Bank Insurance.

AXA urges the nation’s small businesses to avoid insurance scares

AXA Business Insurance warns that many small businesses could be sleep-walking into prosecution and financial difficulties simply because of oversights when arranging their insurance.

SMES leave themselves open to potential business losses

Around two thirds (62%) of UK SMEs – equating to around 2,900,000 businesses - may be leaving themselves financially vulnerable without business interruption cover.

Are UK small businesses building their futures on a financial house of cards?

AXA Business Insurance asks if unsound financial culture is the biggest threat to the millions of small businesses that are driving the economic recovery.

Tour De France brings insurance considerations

As Yorkshire prepares to welcome hundreds of thousands of spectators to one of the world’s biggest annual sporting events, NFU Mutual is warning entrepreneurs to check their insurance policies before embarking on ‘pop up’ business ventures, or potentially face being seriously out of pocket.