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Life Insurance

Simple steps for buying life insurance online

Simple steps for buying life insurance online

Getting life insurance is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your family and loved ones are taken care of in case something happens to you.

Do you need life insurance?

Nobody likes thinking about their own death. But if you have a partner, children or any other relatives that depend on you, you may find that a life insurance policy will help you provide for your family even when you do eventually pass away.

Insurance policies a millennial couple should have

Millennial couples have a lot of time and energy while saving for retirement and paying their loans. However, most of them fail to pay enough attention to the insurance policies that they might need.

Unprotected self-employed more at risk of financial crisis

Nearly two million self-employed people in the UK are unable to save any money each month leaving them vulnerable to financial shocks, according to new research by leading insurer, LV=.

Majority of consumers underestimate the percentage of protection claims paid

Every year protection providers publish claims data to explain the number of claims they have paid out to customers.

Six million mums in UK financially vulnerable

Amidst the cards, flowers and chocolates, financial security may be the last thing on people’s minds this Mother’s Day.

The rise of the female breadwinner

There are currently 14.53 million women in work in the UK, the joint highest level since records began in 1971.

Are Britain's uninsured mums putting household finances at risk?

A third (33%) of women with dependent children admit they could only pay three months of household bills if they or their partner lost their income due to unforeseen circumstances, and 10% think they wouldn’t be able to pay them at all.

263 billion life insurance black hole as British breadwinners go without cover

One in four British breadwinners with dependents (26 per cent) have no life insurance, according to new research from MoneySuperMarket.

Public overestimate price of life insurance by almost 400%

While we typically overestimate the price of a loaf of bread by 43%, when it comes to life cover, we are – on average – a massive 394% out, according to research by leading insurance provider SunLife.

Average life cover payout falls £31,500 short of average outstanding mortgage

The UK’s famous ‘protection gap’ is caused by under-insurance as much as it is by no insurance, according to research by SunLife.

Half of households would struggle to meet everyday costs on one income

Half of households would struggle to make ends meet is if they lost their main income according to new research by AA Life Insurance.

Over one in three families need quick access to cash to avoid funeral debt

Over 40 per cent of people believe their families would be unable to cover the cost of their funeral without getting into debt unless they had quick access to cash, new research from Engage Mutual reveals.

Households left financially vulnerable as growing numbers are forced to rent

Millions of families could be putting their financial futures at risk as the number living in rented accommodation grows.

64% of people who took on a bigger mortgage did not review their life insurance

Sixty-four per cent of people who have moved up the property ladder in the past five years, and have a bigger mortgage as a result, did not review their life insurance, according to research from Sainsbury’s Bank Life Insurance.