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Life Insurance

Over 50s life cover that pays out for serious and terminal illness

The newly launched ‘Over 50s Life Cover Plus' from Engage Mutual is the only plan of its kind on the market to offer customers the flexibility to claim a cash lump sum on the diagnosis of a serious or terminal illness at no extra cost.

How long would your ‘Financial Safety Net' last?

Over 20 million Britons would be unable to maintain their current lifestyle after September 2012 if they had to live off any ‘emergency' funds, according to Bright Grey's Financial Safety Net report.

Stop smoking and save thousands on life insurance

With National No Smoking Day (14 March 2012) approaching, and the fifth anniversary of the smoking ban this year, recent research from reveals those who kick the habit could see a benefit to their wealth as well as their health.

Half of life cover claims made for people under 55

Scottish Provident has revealed that 50% of its life cover payouts during 2011 were made to policy holders under the age of 55 years old.

Life insurance premiums fall for second consecutive year

The monthly market average life insurance premium has fallen for the second consecutive year, according to research by Sainsbury's Life Insurance.

Families fail to protect loved ones as they avoid difficult conversations

UK families are putting luxuries ahead of protecting their loved ones financially, the latest Aviva Family Finances Report reveals.

Life Insurance is more than a form of future protection

Life insurers are offering an increasing range of extras to policyholders, in a bid to boost take-up of the product.

Top tips for military personnel buying insurance

You are admirably serving your country and in doing so, achieving what most people won’t achieve in a life time, so of course you deserve to reap some benefits.

Brits baffled over the facts and fiction of life and debt

When it comes to matters of life and debt, UK consumers find it very difficult to tell the difference between fact and fiction, according to research from

Keeping your condition a secret could invalidate your life insurance

New Research by has revealed that 26 per cent of people only have a vague idea what diabetes is, and worryingly 22 per cent of diabetes sufferers are not comfortable telling people about their condition, potentially putting their health at risk.

Life insurance timebomb for co-habitees

Sixty six per cent of people living together as a couple do not have a will, according to surprising new research by price comparison site

Sainsbury's Life Insurance offers new customers double Nectar points

New Sainsbury's Life Insurance customers will benefit from double Nectar points on all Sainsbury's shopping in-store, online and in petrol filling stations for two years. When using their Nectar card in-store at the till customers could benefit from the equivalent of up to 2% off their Sainsbury's purchases.

Households may not have enough life cover to pay off mortgage

1.5 million households may not have enough life cover to pay off their mortgage if either partner were to die, according to research from

Millions of Brits fail to update level of life insurance

Over 5 million Brits could be leaving their dependants in serious financial difficulty because well over half of those (60%) with life insurance admit failing to update their level of cover following a significant change in their personal circumstances, according to research by Sainsbury's Life Insurance.

Bereaved families to get life insurance payments quickly

People will get life insurance payments more quickly after bereavement, as the ABI issues new guidance to insurers cutting the time it takes from four months to just four weeks.