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Top tips for military personnel buying insurance

30th December 2011 Print

You are admirably serving your country and in doing so, achieving what most people won’t achieve in a life time, so of course you deserve to reap some benefits. Military discounts are a common way for companies to entice customers, particularly with insurance, so below we have outlined some tips for benefitting from cheaper insurance if you are in the military.

1 Shop around - As there are so many deals available for people serving in the military, you may be spoilt for choice. You can use a price comparison sites which allow you to compare service life insurance quotes quickly and easily, to give you assurance that your family has cover while you're serving your country. You may need to double check what the military relevant benefits are in each option.

2 Don’t be afraid/ embarrassed to say that you are in the military - Some companies will offer military discounts that they don’t actively advertise, so it’s worth asking when you get a quote.

3 Remember you can get cheaper wedding insurance - Military weddings differ to other weddings in that there is the added risk of cancellation due to emergency and unavoidable Armed Forces postings, so make sure you are covered. There are many insurance companies that cover wedding insurance but as with all aspects of your wedding, you want to make sure that you work with a company that can tailor to your needs.

4 Remember you can get cheaper travel insurance – Whether you are visiting home, relaxing on the shores of the Seychelles or trekking in the Himalayas, remember that there are military discounts to be had on travel insurance. It’s important to know that all your trips are covered due to changes in circumstances that a career in the military can often present.

5 Value your life - Most service personnel benefit from their death in service benefits attached to the Armed Forces Pension Scheme. However, you may look at increasing your level of life insurance cover depending upon your circumstances. More than anything you will want to know that your family is financially protected by Military life insurance, in case the worst did occur and this doesn’t need to cost the earth. Companies such as Trinity Insurance can provide cover for as little as £10.05 per month and this can provide up to £100,000 of cover. Once the cover is in place, if you are then subsequently posted to an area of conflict there will be no need to panic buy as your cover will already be secured.

The main thing to know is that you can have peace of mind and know that you are covered without breaking the bank.