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Life Insurance is more than a form of future protection

5th January 2012 Print

Life insurers are offering an increasing range of extras to policyholders, in a bid to boost take-up of the product.

One of the most unusual benefits of life insurance being offered by Legal & General is ‘smooth move', a 24 hour rescue service to help with unexpected hitches on house moving day and up to three months afterwards for domestic energy repairs.

LV= life insurance policy offers a free online personal advice service on lifestyle, health and fitness as well as a free online health check and risk assessment as its added benefit.

There are many different Life insurance policies which offer. If you already have life insurance, double check your policy to find out what you may be entitled to, say experts at, as there may be extras you weren't aware of.

With an average life premium at 74p a day, life insurance policyholders can benefit now, as well as in the future from having this financial protection.

On top of these added extras, money can also be saved on life insurance premiums by taking these factors into account:

The younger you start your life insurance policy the cheaper the premium
Females may get cheaper premiums as on average they live longer than men
Non-smokers who drink very little may see cheaper premiums as a result
If you are overweight, you will likely pay more for life insurance

Matt Lloyd, Life Insurance Expert at said: "While the extras should not distract the customer from choosing the right policy for them, it is worth making use of any benefits your provider offers; after all you are paying for it. Life insurance providers are offering a range of benefits to customers such as counselling and health assessments.

"Also don't forget to think of how your lifestyle and age can affect the amount you pay on your life insurance premium. To find the right life insurance policy make sure you shop around and actually find out the extras that they offer, as having life Insurance could save you money."