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Keeping your condition a secret could invalidate your life insurance

11th November 2011 Print

New Research by has revealed that 26 per cent of people only have a vague idea what diabetes is, and worryingly 22 per cent of diabetes sufferers are not comfortable telling people about their condition, potentially putting their health at risk.

Keeping diabetes a secret not only makes diabetics more vulnerable but also means their life insurance could be invalidated.

This research is supported by a survey conducted by Diabetes UK which shows that one in three people with diabetes have been keeping their condition a secret.

In light of this, is warning against the dangers of keeping a medical condition secret and reminding people that their life insurance could be invalidated if they are not upfront about any condition they have been diagnosed with.

Diabetes is on the increase in the UK with one person diagnosed every three minutes³. In fact 31% of people know someone with diabetes and there is an estimated half a million more people in the UK who are likely to have diabetes but have not been diagnosed.

Diabetes is a more common condition than most people believe with an estimated 4 million people being diagnosed with this condition in 2025.

At we want people to not discount themselves from Life Insurance due to this condition.

Matt Lloyd, Head of Life Insurance at said: "Having a condition such as diabetes does not always mean you cannot get life insurance. Particularly if a person with diabetes is controlling their condition as directed by their doctor it is possible that they may be able to get a policy put in place. It is also worth going back to the insurer if you have made a positive change to your lifestyle since you were originally quoted for insurance because you may be entitled to a cheaper policy if you are healthier now than when you took out the policy."