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Life Insurance

Households may not have enough life cover to pay off mortgage

1.5 million households may not have enough life cover to pay off their mortgage if either partner were to die, according to research from

Millions of Brits fail to update level of life insurance

Over 5 million Brits could be leaving their dependants in serious financial difficulty because well over half of those (60%) with life insurance admit failing to update their level of cover following a significant change in their personal circumstances, according to research by Sainsbury's Life Insurance.

Bereaved families to get life insurance payments quickly

People will get life insurance payments more quickly after bereavement, as the ABI issues new guidance to insurers cutting the time it takes from four months to just four weeks.

How will mums support kids for uni, first car, first home?

As UK teenagers prepare to face their school exams, new research from reveals that more than half of mums want to help their children pay university costs.

Aviva's Simplified Life cover offers on-the-spot decision

Four out of five customers seeking a rapid route to life insurance, can now benefit from an on-the-spot decision with Aviva's Simplified Life cover.

Adults with no life insurance leave their family vulnerable

An estimated 28 million of the UK population do not have any life insurance in place, leaving their loved ones vulnerable to financial insecurity if something were to happen to them, according to research from Scottish Widows.

Brits spending £10,339 a year supporting others

British adults spend on average £10,339 a year financially supporting their dependents, according to Scottish Provident's Financial Safety Net Report.

UK families under prepared for the worst case scenario

News statistics show that more families have cover in place for their property and possessions than they do to protect themselves and their families, with financial protection cover.

Mums would rather change a dirty nappy than sort out life insurance

New research from has found that 48% of mums don't have any life insurance cover. The main excuses behind their lack of protection were not understanding it (30%), not having time to sort it out (30%) and believing it was an unnecessary cost (36%).

£30,000 a year, that's the value of a Mum

Legal & General’s latest Value of a Mum survey finds that the value of the unpaid work that a Mum does around the home would cost £30,032 to replace.

Don't undervalue mums on Mother's Day

A 3-point plan from protection specialist LifeSearch that every mother should keep in mind to ensure the family finances stay healthy.

Women fail to financially protect themselves

Women are leaving themselves seriously under-insured financially according to a report from protection specialist, Bright Grey.

Legal & General introduce faster application process

Legal & General have announced major improvements to their online quote and apply.

Sainsbury's Finance to offer Legal & General life cover products

The new commercial agreement will see Sainsbury's Finance continue to sell a tailored range of Legal & General life cover products, including Life Insurance, Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover and Over 50's Life Insurance plans.

How to protect your income if you can't work

How to protect your income if you can't work

Most people don't think about the reality of becoming ill and needing to protect their income if they can't work. And most of us don't have a back-up plan in place to support us during a long period of sickness.