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Ways to keep your pet dog in shape

Ways to keep your pet dog in shape

Do you have a pet dog? How do you ensure it stays in shape? When you own a pet dog, all its needs are up to you. Your dog will depend on you on its feeding, exercises, vaccinations, medication, and anything else that will make it live a healthy and happy life.

The problem of obesity: cats and dogs

Our pets are our world. Just like we reward our children with treats and toys, it’s very easy for us to show our affection by slipping an extra scoop of food into our dogs and cats bowl or giving them a few more treats.

Best in show – insurers pay out a record £706m in pet claims

Pet insurers paid out a record £706 million in pet insurance claims in 2016 – the equivalent of £1.8 million every day - to help the UK’s pet owners cope with the unexpected costs of owning their pet, such as vet’s bills, according to figures published during National Pet Month by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

‘Paws for thought’: Avoid SAD pets this winter

With winter firmly set in, the tail-wagging companionship of a loyal dog or addictive purr of a feline friend is just the ticket to lighten the mood, making those dark cold nights all the more bearable.

Keeping it on a tight leash

The number of protection orders in place across England and Wales, specifically related to dogs, increased by nine per cent in the two years from 2013-2015, according to new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance.

Claws versus clause: things to consider when protecting your pet

A poorly pet can be a pricey pet and without insurance owners could end up with a hefty vet’s bill.

How to get cheaper pet insurance

How to get cheaper pet insurance

If you’ve tried to buy pet insurance in recent years, then you’ll already know how much of a complicated process it can be.

Why the health and wellbeing of your pet is important

Why the health and wellbeing of your pet is important

Britain is renowned as a nation of animal lovers, cherishing its pets as much as any other member of the family. But our affection for all creatures great and small goes far beyond the home.

The drugs don’t work

More than three quarters (78 per cent) of vets treated pets that have ingested human medication in the last year, a new study from Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals.

Pet owners get a helping hand finding missing cats and dogs

With more than 70,000 missing pets in the UK, new research from Pet Insurance has found that pet owners could get a big helping hand from their insurer when it comes to finding their cats and dogs.

Hot dogs: summer threats to our beloved pets

Dogs and cats love basking in the sunshine, but Direct Line Pet Insurance warns that summer can also be hazardous for our furry friends.

Co-operative Pet Insurance offers puurfect getaway and 20% online discount

The Co-operative Pet Insurance is offering new customers a free one night getaway when they take out pet insurance for their four-legged extended family members.

We could be killing our pets with kindness

New research published by Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals even our dogs now gorge on junk food, giving rise to fears of a pet obesity epidemic.

World’s biggest pet insurer streamlines UK claims processing

Kodak Alaris announces that Agria, the biggest pet insurer in the world, has turned to document scanning to streamline the whole process of managing claims in its UK operation.

‘Marley’ voted nation’s top dog

New research from Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals the nation’s soft spot for dogs on film, with rom-com classic ‘Marley and Me’ stealing the top spot for the best dog movie. The Golden Retriever star Marley was also voted top dog for Britain’s favourite cinematic canine.