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Ways to keep your pet dog in shape

20th March 2021 Print
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Do you have a pet dog? How do you ensure it stays in shape? When you own a pet dog, all its needs are up to you. Your dog will depend on you on its feeding, exercises, vaccinations, medication, and anything else that will make it live a healthy and happy life. Unfortunately, most people provide the basic needs, which are not enough for the pet. It would be best if you had a routine to ensure your dog is excited to have you as its owner. This article will provide some guidelines to keep your pet dog in shape. Read on for the list.

1. Offer a balanced, nutritious diet

Just like a human being, your dog requires a nutritious, balanced diet to stay in shape. You will need to provide them a diet better than they could have gotten if they were wild. There are many dog foods on sale. Some are primary formulas that contain high-quality proteins, while others are junks. In line with Jessica Mabie's blog on, dogs' food should provide the essential amino acids, active enzymes, fatty acids, calcium, and other minerals necessary for a healthy dog. Anything less than this won't make your pet stay in shape. Besides this, your pet may also require raw foods such as meat. Ensure you follow the proper guidelines when making this switch. Staying in shape starts with a good diet. Ensure you are perfect on this.

2. Daily training and interactive play

Besides food, your dog requires regular training and exercises to keep its muscles fit. If having a busy schedule, you will need to get suitable toys for your dog and keep changing them as they wear and tear. These toys will keep the dogs occupied while in the house. But is this enough? You will have to create a routine to train your dog to keep them active. You can also walk with them in nearby parks or jog with them as you do your exercises. With repetition of these commands, you will create a strong bond with your pet, helping to build behavioral traits. It also helps in communicating with your dog about their needs.

3. Let them socialize with other dogs


You might be having more than one dog. Your neighbors might also be having pet dogs. Do not make your dog live a solitary life. You can boost their social skills by taking them to parks where you will meet other dog owners or let them interact with the neighbor's dog. There are also dog shows and other events where you can take it to interact with others. With socialization, your dog will develop coping skills, which will make your connection better. Some dogs become uncontrollable when they meet new faces. Getting your dog to socialize makes it easier to handle when meeting other people. 

Dog experts highly recommend this socialization since it brings out social stimulation essential for their thriving.

4. Visit the vet

Your dog might not be sick but might be in dire need of a vet. You will need to schedule regular visits to the vet to have your dog checked and undergo routine procedures, including vaccinations. The vet will highlight underlying conditions through these visits and recommend vaccines, boosters, and other recommendations on keeping it in shape. The visit can also diagnose some severe conditions requiring urgent care, including excess weight, diabetes, and other unseen diseases. Through these visits, you can talk with your vet about the best care you can offer your dog and ask any question that needs clarification concerning your pet. Some veterinarians will even recommend the best type of feeds and exercises to keep your dog in shape.

5. Grooming

Your dog will require regular grooming. First, you need to start with its structures, ensure they are clean and well-constructed, and furnished to ensure the dog is comfortable at all times. Secondly, you need to work on their body. You need to give your dog the recommended bath and always brush them to remove loose hair and other stuck particles. Ensure their nails, too, are trimmed regularly. You can notice any unusual changes to your pet with grooming, including dandruff, dry skin, and bald patches, and take precautions immediately. It is essential to check from your veterinarian the best grooming techniques you can adapt for your dog.

You will want to stay with your pet for longer, with it staying in shape. Dog experts highly recommend the above tips for any pet dog owner. As you can see from the list, the information focuses on essential things, including exercise, food, housing, and veterinary services. Follow the tips to ensure your puppy lives a comfortable, healthy life.

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