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Is life insurance the newest way to say ‘I love you?’

29th March 2012 Print

Forget the petrol station flowers, taking out life insurance or breakdown cover for your partner is deemed romantic by some couples, according to new findings from Bucking traditional gender stereotypes it's the men who most want to be protected with a gift of breakdown cover. But how much do modern couples really know about each other? Many are even unaware of where important financial documents are kept in their household. 

We asked people in a relationship to tell us how they would feel if their partner took out a life insurance policy to protect them or purchased breakdown cover on their behalf.

More than half (53%) of people in a relationship tell us it would be ‘thoughtful' if their partner took out life insurance to protect them: 56% of women versus 50% of men call life insurance a ‘thoughtful' gift

8% of people go as far as to call it ‘romantic' if their partner takes out life insurance in their favour

9% of men who drive compared to 6% of women think that breakdown cover for their car is a ‘romantic' gift

75% of women and 60% of men think breakdown cover is a ‘thoughtful' gift

Not everyone agrees, as 10% of people feel that life insurance is ‘morbid', but a further 8% say it would be ‘well-overdue' and that their partner should have got around to getting life insurance sooner.

Couples tend to be independent when it comes to finances with 47% of men and 39% of women admitting they don't know where their partner keeps their financial documents and only half of people in relationships saying that their partner knows where they keep details of their own finances.

Matt Lloyd from's Life Insurance team said: "It's heartening that couples realise life insurance is there to protect your loved ones and that making provision in case you die is actually a very caring thing to do.

"Having private finances is up to individuals and keeping your information safe is important but it is advisable to have ‘that chat' with your loved ones so that they know which bank or provider to call if the worst happens."