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Income Protection

Could you do without mum for 4 weeks?

Many people celebrating Mothering Sunday this weekend will no doubt conclude our mothers are priceless and we couldn't do without them even for a day.

Don’t undervalue mums this Mother’s Day

Protection specialist LifeSearch has drawn up a 3-point plan that every mother should keep in mind to make sure the family finances stay healthy.

Brits risk financial meltdown

Nearly half (24 million) of people in the UK have no insurance in place to cover loss of income through illness or death of a breadwinner, according to research commissioned by Friends Provident.

High five for Legal & General Income Protection

Legal & General has launched its new and improved Income Protection Benefit Plan, which is 5 star rated by Defaqto.

Scottish Provident reprices income protection rates

Scottish Provident, one of the UK's leading protection providers, has announced extensive pricing changes to its income protection rates. The changes, which form the biggest overhaul of its income protection rates in recent years, are effective immediately.

Aviva own occupation definition to medical profession

Aviva has announced that it has reviewed its medical underwriting approach for medical professionals and now offers an "own occupation" definition for surgeons who perform surgical procedures and operations. Previously "the suited definition" was offered.

Save money on protection policies when exclusions are added

Protection specialists LifeSearch advise consumers how to save money when health conditions are excluded from their insurance policy.

Increasing debt levels forces parents back to work

The amount of debt amongst parents with dependent kids is increasing dramatically so giving up work to care for children is just not an option for many parents.

Bupa extends occupation definitions for income protection

Bupa Individual Protection has added more than 130 own occupation definitions to its individual income protection proposition including dentists, surgeons and college lecturers. These professionals will now be able to protect their income based upon their specific occupation.

Brits value household contents more than themselves

People living in Britain are more likely to take out insurance cover on their electrical goods and home contents than they are to protect themselves, according to an independent research study on behalf of Scottish Provident, one of the UK's leading protection providers.

Even high-risk clients like Santa can find insurance

After many years - maybe centuries - of nobly serving the world's children in one of the toughest jobs imaginable, Santa has finally found financial insurance through LifeSearch.

Legal & General network launches new business system

Legal & General has rolled out its cutting edge, online new business system, OLP Connect, to its mortgage network, Legal & General Partnerships Services Limited (LGPSL).Linked to Launchpad, LGPSL's point-of-sale system

Brits underestimate essential monthly bills

Brits are grossly underestimating their monthly essential spend by as much as £964, whilst at the same time overestimating how long they could survive on their assets, if they were to lose their monthly income, by a staggering five months according to a major new report.

Aviva enhances Income Protection Solutions

Aviva has announced a series of enhancements to its innovative Income Protection Solutions product, including a unique temporary accident cover benefit that provides up to 90 days' accident cover whilst the policy is being underwritten.

Protect your income

Here are the top 5 tips that consumers should bear in mind when buying a policy to protect their income, according to Protection Specialists LifeSearch.