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The pain in Spain comes mainly from the claims

10th April 2017 Print

New analysis from Direct Line Travel Insurance reveals that of the 600,000 plus travel insurance claims made by British holidaymakers last year, almost a quarter (150,000) were claims for holidays in Spain. Accounting for nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of all holiday insurance claims, this is over 400 individual claims every day and almost three times more than the United States and France, totalling over £75m.

One in eight (12 per cent) of the claims made in 2016 exceeded £1,000 revealing the extent to which travel costs can spiral if disaster strikes on holiday.

Table one: Top five most common locations for UK holidaymakers to make a claim

Rank - Destination

1 Spain

2 United States

3 France

4 Italy

5 Greece

Source: Direct Line Travel Insurance 2017

Tom Bishop, head of travel insurance at Direct Line commented: “With over 70 million trips made last year alone, travel continues to be a passion for Brits as we jet off to rest, relax and enjoy ourselves.

“It is not surprising to see tourist hotspots such as Spain, the United States, France and Greece appearing as the most popular destinations, and shows that holidaymakers are just as likely to fall unwell, loose baggage or need to cancel their holiday whether they are hoping over the pond or just crossing the channel. Taking out comprehensive travel insurance in advance can help protect you and your family should any holiday horrors arise whilst on your trip.”

Year-on-year, the number of claims rose by more than 22,000 (four per cent), with exotic destinations such as Western Africa (29 per cent increase) and the Caribbean (15 per cent increase) both seeing a significant increase in volume of travel insurance claims, while North Africa (74 per cent decrease) and Central Africa (24 per cent decrease), saw the most significant fall in claim volumes.

Table two: Top 10 most common causes for claims to be made, 2016

Rank - Type of travel insurance claim

1 Cancellation

2 Medical

3 Baggage

4 Curtailment or delay

5 Miscellaneous

Source: Direct Line Travel Insurance 2017

The most common reason for making a travel insurance claim in 2016 was cancellation, accounting for nearly 40 per cent of claims. This was followed by out-patient medical incident (25 per cent) and accidental loss of baggage (seven per cent). Delays, either by airlines or by providers at the holiday destination, also accounted for a significant number of insurance claims in 2016.

Tom Bishop continues: “This analysis shows the extent that unforeseen circumstances can impact your holiday, from medical costs to rescheduled flights or lost luggage.

“Despite cancellation being the most common travel insurance claim amongst Brits, it is shocking how many holidaymakers leave buying travel insurance to the last minute. Losing out on a holiday is bad enough, but at least by taking out comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking a trip there doesn’t need to be a financial loss too.

“With around one in eight travel insurance claims exceeding £1,000, we encourage people planning their holidays to buy their travel insurance as part of the booking process and ensure that they have the right policy to suit their needs, so they can kick back and relax in the knowledge they’re covered should anything unexpected happen.”