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Foreign Exchange

Recent events which may affect the forex market

It is well documented that political and economic events can have a massive bearing on the way currency pairings on the forex market behave.

Mixed year for the pound

The pound has had a mixed performance against the world’s major currencies over the past year1, according to latest research from Lloyds Bank Private Banking.

How did the BoE's decision to freeze interest rates impact on the pound?

In some respects, the Bank of England (BoE) have capped the base interest for so long that the level of speculation surrounding last weeks' so-called 'Super Thursday' suddenly seems unwarranted in retrospect.

Beginner’s survival guide on Forex Trading

Beginner’s survival guide on Forex Trading

Forex trading is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies trade.

The best ways to spend Bitcoin

The best ways to spend Bitcoin

It’s fair to say that Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency as a whole, has taken a while to work its way into the public’s conscience.

Finding the best Bitcoin trading sites

Finding the best Bitcoin trading sites

If you’re looking for a new website to use to trade BitCoins; it can be difficult to know where to start your search. There aren’t too many comparison sites that allow you to search through multiple websites at once but there are other ways to identify a reliable, trustworthy site.

Is it time to remit the high fees of remittance transfers?

Is it time to remit the high fees of remittance transfers?

It’s no secret that the European and Global market is generally slowing, and has been for some time. If the UK were to leave the EU, a knock-on effect is almost inevitable and several markets in the UK would be hindered. However, though the European market is abating, the remittance industry is evolving.

Play your cards right when going abroad Money is warning holidaymakers to check their plastic and not get caught out with foreign usage fees when going abroad this Easter.

Savvy Brits can save £000’s on second homes overseas

Savvy Brits can save £000’s on second homes overseas

Exchange rates can have a big impact on the global property market. Whether purchasing a property for personal use or as an investment, beneficial exchange rates can lead to buyers getting a lot more for their money.

Over 50s stash the foreign cash

The over 50s are packing their bags and heading off in search of some sun this summer, as almost two thirds are planning to travel abroad, according to a recent Saga survey of nearly 10,000 over 50s.

Sterling rally boosts holiday budgets to most popular destinations

Analysis of Bank of England exchange rates by Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money suggests that Britons could continue seeing their holiday money go further. In the past year alone, the Pound has strengthened against four of the supermarket bank’s five most popular currencies.

Top five credit cards to use abroad

With Easter and summer holidays fast approaching, David Mann, money expert at shares his tips on the best five credit cards to make the most of your money when not only booking travel, but also when travelling:

Thinking about buying a house in 2015? For expats, the signs are good

Expats paid in US dollars and currencies linked to the US dollar are sitting pretty when it comes to planning their 2015 property purchases in the UK and Europe. Over the last 12 months, as the US economy has recovered and the Eurozone slumped, currencies have moved to reflect these changes.

Special currency rates with Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money rate sale

Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money is holding its first 48 hour rate sale of 2015, beginning at 9.30am, Monday 12th January and ending at 9.30am, Wednesday 14th January.

Euro slump means British families could save hundreds on European breaks

British families could save hundreds of pounds on their next European holiday thanks to the current Euro slump.