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Understanding the role of bots in trading crypto

14th September 2021 Print

Cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade only, but despite this, it has become one of the fastest rising markets out there. There’s even no doubt that a lot of fortune has been made thanks to this industry but as with stocks, commodities, and forex, there are a ton of risks in crypto as well.

Traders use a lot of tools and solutions to make their crypto ventures successful. Aside from using the right exchanges and mastering the right trading patterns, today’s top traders are also using what’s called bots in the industry, and it has proven to be an effective means to trade so far.

In a broad sense, bots are basically like AI in the tech world. They are found in various online practices. For instance, scalpers use bots to automatically hoard goods that are in short supply. Of course, bots have their own application in the field of crypto as well.

Bots In Crypto

Before anything else, let’s talk about bots in crypto trading first. In this industry, bots are used to buy and sell crypto at the right time. The goal is to generate a profit, so this means long-term investments aren’t really necessary here. Since this is trading we are talking about, quick, small gains are often the goal.

To do this, bots are powered by algorithms which helps them assess the market better to make trades. These bots aren’t tools that predict the movement of crypto per se, but they do trade at the perfect time instead. It would be best to understand it using an example.

Let’s say you are trading ALGO. The bot is programmed to purchase a certain amount of coins once the price drops to a certain threshold - let’s say that the threshold is $1.30. After making the purchase, the bot will then move on to looking for when ALGO hits $1.60 before selling it for a profit. 

In most cases, the bot uses crypto market data and history to get a glimpse of what the possible moves will be. However, most bots just really focus on waiting for certain highs and lows before making a transaction.

Now, anyone that trades crypto knows what the biggest problem is with the industry - volatility. One moment prices are low, the next they are soaring to all-time highs. These can happen vice versa too, which is why it’s very important for crypto traders to keep a constant eye on their assets.


Sadly, not everyone has the time to keep a close watch on their crypto. This is where performing crypto bots come in to do the watching and trading for you. You just leave the bots, and they’ll do most of the job on your behalf, and this in itself is a good deal already.

There are various types of bots, and they mostly differ on what type of algorithm they are following. This is a good thing because it can adjust to your preferred goals and trading types. It’s always recommended to try various bots and check which one fits your desired outcome.

Why Use Bots?

It’s worth noting that crypto bots aren’t free. In fact, they often come at steep pricing. Now, that really isn’t a bad thing if you are looking to make big gains in crypto. Bots are a good way to make a profit because they have a few benefits that can work well with your long-term and short-term goals.

The biggest benefit of crypto bots of course is that they allow you to technically trade 24/7. In the world of crypto, being able to actively participate in the market most of the time is ideal because of the volatility. Even a one-hour window will allow you to miss out on making big gains when it comes to the world of crypto.

Another upside is that bots are the perfect tool to have if you want to focus more on trading rather than investing. Bots do most of the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about the trades you make. Of course, if you’re a newbie to the industry, the algorithm used by bots can help increase your chances of making good gains.

Crypto bots have been around for a while, but many are expecting better development and algorithms in the future. By using the right bots, you can make a lot of good passive income in the world of crypto, so try to consider investing in this technology as well as it might benefit you a lot.

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