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Dare to revisit one of the scariest games of all time

27th April 2012 Print
Project Zero 2

Prepare to hide behind your sofa because Nintendo and TECMO KOEI GAMES are set to re-launch one of the scariest horror titles from the legendary Project Zero series this June, exclusively for Wii. With all-new motion gameplay features and innovative new two player modes, horror fans looking for interesting ways to get their scares need look no further than Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, launching across Europe on 29th June.
Project Zero 2: Wii Edition is a remake of the classic survival horror game Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly and sees you take on the role of Mio as she explores a mysterious cursed village with her twin sister Mayu. When Mayu follows a crimson butterfly deep into the woods, Mio has no choice but to follow, and eventually they stumble across a seemingly abandoned village. Only by helping the girls to uncover the secrets of an ancient ritual and the abandoned village, now permanently shrouded in an eerie darkness, can you hope to escape its grasp.
As you explore the dark and foreboding village, it becomes apparent that you are not alone and the twins are attacked by the ghosts of the former inhabitants. The spirits that haunt the village can only be defeated by using the Camera Obscura, a mythical weapon that allows you to interact with the spirit world. Whenever there is a ghost nearby you will see an indicator at the top of the screen showing how close it is to you; red indicates an evil spirit and blue that the spirit is good or non-aggressive. Watch out because they could be behind you waiting to attack!
To cause more damage to the evil spirits lurking in the darkness, make sure that they are right in front of you and that the gauge shown on screen is charged as much as possible before you shoot. Trying to pre-empt an attack is a great way to cause even more damage and stop the ghost from attacking you. By timing your shot with the Camera Obscura to hit when the gauge in the viewfinder becomes red, you earn a bonus and deal out more damage. You can also gain more bonus points for attacking multiple ghosts with the same shot.
By using the different types of film hidden around the village, you can increase the base damage dealt by the Camera Obscura, and by modifying the lens you can acquire special powers that will help you - some will allow you to achieve combos by stunning the spirits and slowing them down. Achieving a special Fatal Frame combo allows you to link multiple pictures together in rapid succession and deal a large amount of damage to any evil spirits that are present at the time.

You can get a taste of the story behind the game by visiting our new dedicated Project Zero 2: Wii Edition website, where you can watch a new trailer and find out more on Mio and Mayu.
Project Zero 2: Wii Edition utilises the unique Wii motion controls, allowing you to really feel as if you are in the haunted environment. Your trusty flashlight is integral when exploring - and moving the Wii Remote to explore every inch of the environment will allow you find hidden items and secrets. If you get too scared when reaching out to open doors or while picking up items, then you can release your grip or retract your hand by releasing the A Button. A quick response with the Wii Remote can also be used to quickly avoid any ghostly presences which may prevent you from grasping items!  So, be careful what you do, because you don’t know what is lurking in the darkness and what you might find.
New to Project Zero 2: Wii Edition is the Haunted House mode, a real test of your courage that tries to scare you at every turn. The action is on rails and resembles an amusement park ‘haunted house’ ride - by using your Wii Remote and Nunchuk you can move forward and look around your environment using the flashlight. You will be surprised at every corner with a series of increasingly scary situations and ghosts appearing randomly to make you jump.
To add to the fun, a second player can join in and actually play against you; they will be able to control when the ghosts appear and also which sounds are emitted by the speaker in your Wii Remote. Their ultimate goal is to scare you so much with their unexpected scenes that you jump out of your seat.
To master the Camera Obscura and battle cursed spirits in the classic story mode and all-new innovative Haunted House mode, look no further than Project Zero 2: Wii Edition when it launches across Europe on 29th June.

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Project Zero 2