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Get ready for the Jubilee with Kodak’s Big App

24th May 2012 Print
Garden Party

Whether you’re planning to host the street party to end all street parties or a small family gathering at home, with just over a week to go until the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations it’s time to start preparing! With Kodak you can create your own affordable decorations at home to ensure your celebrations are diamond standard.

Thanks to Kodak’s special Jubilee themed party packs you can quickly create a range of inexpensive decorations. It’s a great way to entertain the kids over the long bank holiday, with printable templates including:

Union Jack Bunting - Bring out the bunting, it’s a staple feature of any Jubilee celebration and there really is nothing more British

Jubilee Flag - Make your own Union Jack flag; show how proud you are to be British and wave it with pride

Crown - We can’t guarantee real diamonds but we can guarantee real fun. Print out your own crown and you can be Queen for a day

Cake decorations - Make sure your food is up to royal standards with these printable cake flags

Party hats - Put on your party hat and let the fun begin

Name cards - If you’ve got VIPs coming over, be sure to print out your Jubilee name cards for that extra special touch

The full set of Kodak’s Jubilee printable party packs can be downloaded online at iChild is an online resource for parents, children and childminders providing fun and educational printable materials. Kodak is the preferred printer partner for iChild and with Kodak’s low cost, high quality inks you can now print as much as you like without worrying about cost.

Make an Impact

To create decorations with the ‘wow’ factor, Kodak’s Big App ( lets you create big, beautiful images to liven up your home or garden. It works by breaking up an image into sections that can be printed out on multiple pages, so you can blow up any image to giant poster size and beyond! To celebrate the Queen’s 60 year anniversary, you can now choose from six Jubilee themed images in the Big App gallery. It’s a great way to ensure your party stands out from the rest, and you can even upload your own photos.

Why not try...

Decorating your party with a ceiling covered in Union Jack flags

Letting your little ones loose with a giant print-out of one of the Queen’s Corgis that they can enjoy putting together

Transforming the front of your house into Buckingham Palace for the day

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Garden Party