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Tea’d off - Brits enjoy a coffee more than a cuppa

2nd July 2012 Print

Britain is now a nation of coffee drinkers, reveals high street retailer Debenhams meaning that tea is no longer our favourite cuppa.

Sales figures from the department store show that coffee products such as; cafetiere’s, coffee machines and coffee cups are outselling tea pots and other tea accessories by 40%, suggesting that tea is losing out to coffee as Brits’ brew of choice.

Coffee is also selling double the amount of tea in Debenhams’ restaurants and cafes, coffee now represents 67% of sales compared to tea which is only 33%.

Spokesperson for Debenhams, Lizzie Singleton says; “Brits are causing a stir by shunning the traditional cuppa and literally starting to wake up and smell the coffee”.

“Coffee has a brewing popularity, it has been drunk in Britain since the late 16th century but has only just started to rival the beloved cup of tea.”

“Busy lifestyles are the reason behind this trend, making time for tea is difficult where as people are opting for a quick coffee on the go to get them full of beans.”

In the UK, 79% of consumers drink coffee (either ground or instant)*1, meaning that as a nation we consume approximately 70 million cups of coffee per day.

Of the three major hot beverage categories (coffee, tea and hot chocolate), coffee is the only one to have seen volume growth over the past three years. This suggests that it has stolen share from both hot chocolate and tea.

Other reasons behind the trend are being put down to more people needing a caffeine boost to get them through the day as workloads increase during the recession.

Lizzie Singleton continues; “As workloads increase and businesses have higher expectations but with smaller budgets, it isn’t a surprise that people are turning to caffeine to give them a boost”.

The store has also seen the biggest growth in their travel coffee mugs, sales have risen by 48% in recent months suggesting Brits are swapping expensive coffee shops for making their own at home to save money.

Dr Euan Paul, Executive Director of the British Coffee Association, says “The UK coffee market continues to grow at a very steady rate and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits associated with coffee drinking. In moderation, four – five cups per day, coffee can contribute to your fluid balance, boost mental performance and has even been associated with a reduced risk of stroke and type two diabetes. We can all relax and enjoy our coffee.”

Debenhams coffee products are available in all stores nationwide and on Debenhams cafes are in most stores nationwide. Prices of coffee accessories start at £6.