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Steel haulier’s V8 Actros have the power to please

17th July 2012 Print
V8 Actros

Intake Transport opted for V8 muscle to power its eight new Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor units.

Operating from depots in Sheffield and Scunthorpe, the trucks are now hauling steel on extendable trailers as far afield as the south coast and the north of Scotland.

All are 510hp Actros 2551 models with flat-floored MegaSpace cabs. They were supplied by Yorkshire dealer Northside Truck & Van and are being serviced and inspected under three-year Mercedes-Benz Repair and Maintenance Contracts by the workshop team at its Sheffield facility.

Intake specified its new Actros with powerful V8s because of the arduous demands of their regular runs through the Scottish Highlands.

“As well as seeking to make our drivers’ lives as comfortable as possible, we like to know that our vehicles are completely on top of the job,” said Director Richard Burgin, who runs the firm with his brother, John.

Intake also chooses range-topping cabs, with features such as air-conditioning, fridges and CD players, colour-coded exteriors with Kelsa light-bars.

“We expect our lads to be on the road all week,” said Mr Burgin. “It’s only fair, therefore, that we provide them with vehicles in which they can live and sleep comfortably, so they’re always fresh and ready for work in the mornings.”

“These Actros are not only smooth, well-equipped and comfortable, but we’re confident they’re also going to prove extremely reliable – we know from the experience of running Mercedes-Benz vehicles as long as 10 years ago that its V8 engines are absolutely bullet-proof.”

Intake Transport’s distinctive liveries incorporate individually themed artwork on the back walls by Sheffield specialist, Signshop.

“It’s something we’ve become known for,” said Mr Burgin. “Each truck has an ‘identity’ based on either a local football team, like Sheffield United, or an example of classic British comedy such as Dad’s Army –it’s all very light-hearted and we steer clear of anything that could be considered controversial.

“There’s a cost to this, of course, but it’s more than just an indulgence – in fact, there are sound business reasons for personalising the vehicles. As well as helping to raise the company’s profile it also encourages our drivers to feel more attached to their vehicles, so they enjoy driving them and look after them even more carefully.”

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V8 Actros